The Business of your Professional Brand...the Many Faces of You | Headshots Seattle

Great-business-headshots-for-professional-networking-and-marketing_Studio-B_0134.jpg For many of our business clients, putting their best face forward includes personal branding with a variety of professional images tailored to specific social media, marketing, and distribution channels.  If you are thinking -- um what? ... that's just fancy talk for "change it up and be thoughtful about when, where and why you do it."  If you are anything like me (highly visual) I know you will appreciate a quick demonstration so... meet Mr. Lester.  I had the great pleasure of photographing this serial entrepreneur (and plying him with far too many of my own curiosities about his work, travels and experiences for which he was extremely gracious)  During his photo shoot we were focused on creating images that would communicate more than just the fact that "he's the boss" -- yes he's a leader, but on any given day he's also a trusted partner, collaborator and engaging speaker.  Clothing and expression are the single most important communicators of who you are photographically  so when you you need your personal brand to communicate "approachable"  (for example)... smiles, more casual clothing and relaxed body language are your ticket.  Speaking of casual business the options showcased here for men -- no tie, open collars, subtle patterns. Perfection.

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