What is the best time of day to photograph Senior Pictures? | Woodinville Senior Photographer

Beautiful senior pictures of Indian high school girl in flowers and sunshine "What is the best time of day to schedule senior pictures?"  We get that popular question often and usually our clients are asking about the best lighting conditions but in point of fact - we shoot through the entire day from 9 to early evening with beautiful results.  The real trick is "finding OR making" pretty light no matter what time of day it is.  The idea that it's "golden hour" (that fleeting time where the sun is dropping in the sky before sunset) or you are not getting a great shot... just doesn't have to be anyone's reality.  For example, that angelic glow can be found (or made) any time of day with the right tools.  When you look above at 2016 Senior Mondi from Woodinville -- it isn't lucky or a great time of day that gave her the halo of heavenly light through her shining locks?... Nope, that's our intern behind, her and to the right of the camera... creating that effect with lighting equipment. (We can't take credit for her gorgeous make-up, hair and perfect everything else however... that was Sorella Salon and wonderful genes from her parents ;-) )  On a related note, if your wondering about the best time of day to photograph, leave weather behind for a second and ask yourself -- what time of day do you feel your best?  Are you a morning person? Or  do you get pumping mid afternoon?  Consider this as you are scheduling time for your close-up

The other REALLY common question we get about senior photo shoots is "What happens if it rains" or it's overcast (welcome to Seattle, right?) -- Honestly, that's no problem either, check out this really cool behind the scenes article of how we handle that!