All About The Boys | Thoughts from a Senior Pictures Photographer

I'm pretty sure this post doesn't even need any commentary from me, but... it is a blog after all so I'll give you a little something something ;-)  This is Issaquah High School 2016 Senior Cole.  I photographed his gorgeous sister Meg a couple of years ago and let's just say... same family does not equal the same type of photo shoot.  Boys are just different. (file that under the category of um... "obvious")  What is fun for a girl and results in beautiful smiles is not going to give you the same natural smiles in a high school senior boy.  The fellas are not about "pretending" to have a good time...if they are having fun it shows, if they are not... believe me that will be crystal clear as well.  During our guy photo shoots, we joke and play a lot -- in this case -- Cole was demonstrating his superior planking skills ;-)  Fun is as fun does, right?  I don't care how we get to the party... I just want everyone to have a good time once we get there!

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