Mixing Business with Personal| Professionals Sounds Off

Mixing Business with Personal Photo Holiday Cards Full disclosure...I am a marketing junky and I love anything that has to do with entrepreneurial endeavors.  It's honestly fascinating to me how business works and one of the huge perks of photographing so many professionals across a wide range of industries is that I get to do my own field research with every professional headshot (yes...while I'm setting the lights and metering the camera...I am plying you with questions about what you do, how you stand out and why you are successful-- (Welcome, to Studio B :P )  All of that "research" lead me to this rather timely observation about why personalized photo holiday cards are making their way into business in a big way.  In chatting with our professional clientele the feedback was just eye-opening.  From practical to tactical, warm and fuzzy to downright fantastic...here's just a little of what we heard:

  • "We've built the family photo shoot, holiday cards and postage expense into our advertising & marketing budget -- it's a direct mail business write-off"
  • "Yes, we are all Linked-In but getting personal with my professional network is a tremendous way to connect on an entirely new level and have an edge over my competitors"
  • "Nobody is "deleting" my family card from their mailbox...I know they are getting my message "
  • "Our clients are excited to get something that is not a bill (haha) ... to see that we're not asking for anything -- just thinking about them in a genuine way"
  • "Blurred lines between business & friendship is actually our secret sauce. We're watching our customers' families grow and they are doing the same with us."

Good stuff, right?  So happy we asked! (Thank you by-the-way to my favorite clients who generously allowed me to pick their brain and share here.)   In the spirit of being both relevant and  helpful,  I've included a couple of quick references links below for what we do here at Studio B to help you get started.

Get Started Quick Links

OPTION 1: Schedule a NEW family portrait sitting -- after your session, we'll show you samples and share our best practices for creating great holiday cards for business use. Everything from image suggestions to specific content that will help you connect, stand out and be memorable in a non-sales-y way.

OPTION 2: If you have already been photographed at Studio B Portraits, simply CONTACT US and ask us to create a beautiful design from your session favorites.  We can do all of the customizing and proofing by phone & email.