Naturally Beautiful Senior Portrait in Studio Sammamish

A Naturally Beautiful Senior Portrait.

Beautiful Indian girl in pink scarf and black tank for senior pictures

We finished another Naturally Beautiful Senior Portrait.  Skyline High School Senior Binita is one of those natural beauties -- you know the kind that I mean... easy laugh, joyful spirit that just makes the whole room happy. :D  For her senior photo shoot, we really wanted to make sure we captured the essence of who she is (not just what she looks like) and it was this series of three portraits that just gave me the "picture is worth a 1000 words" moment.  Oh...and here's one more for you viewing pleasure on our Facebook

Don’t know how it happened but at some point, our Senior Pictures promo shoot began to look like an episode of the Bachelor.  Let me explain.  Senior Pictures in Seattle is a big deal! Since Studio B Portraits is celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary.

The leaves are turning Gold and Red, it officially looks like Fall!… or maybe it’s just Binita making us feel that way in her pretty scarf 🙂 Love!  A naturally beautiful senior picture of a gal who knows what colors look amazing on her — bright, happy hues with her happy smiles just screams “take my picture” (So we did… a lot!)