Sparkling Fire sticks + small children ...what could go wrong? (Haha) | Clark Family Christmas Card

Formal family holiday portrait using sparklers to write Be Happy in front of house by Studio B Portraits_0232.jpg Awe... The Clark Family Christmas card.  It seemed only fitting that I take what could have been an easy family portrait and make it complicated.  It went something like this...

"Oh I know Babe -- sparklers! Let's write with sparklers!!!  The bigger the better.  I just learned that they make 3 foot sparklers... how about we buy a boat load of those?! Let's be honest, how could flaming sticks of fire in the hands of our young children possibly go wrong?" :D

To his credit, my husband Glenn did not even flinch. (We've been married quite a while... he knows the drill by now and resistance is futile) We loaded up all three of our kids and we headed to the party store in search of my latest  great idea and we were in business just 5 SHORT HOURS  later.  (Haha)

Fast forward a month and cut to me and my entire family freezing on our front lawn in a "Winter is coming...31 degree temperature" trying to make this brilliant idea a success.   Looking back, I honestly, have never laughed more looking at one of our cards.  Here's what I will always remember -- 1. My son would not let me put him down the entire shoot.  2. My 11 year-old daughter kept dancing in silly gyrations in an attempt to stay warm and 3. The delight my middle kid enjoyed when she realized her amazing good fortune that she had her own personal Harry Potter wand.  (I already know that these are going to be some of my very favorite holiday family memories for 2015 ...not so much our numb toes and fingers...but the rest was pretty awesome)

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