Our 3 Best "Keep It Casual" Tips for Boys Senior Pictures

Great boy senior pictures
Great boy senior pictures
senior pictures of baseball player
senior pictures of baseball player

Our 3 Best “Keep It Casual” Tips for Boys Senior Pictures Casual and comfortable - the two words that make Moms of senior boys scratch their heads when it comes to making wardrobe selections that are also picture perfect for their senior portraits.

We thought it would be helpful to give you a cheat sheet about this portrait style. (And show you 2017 Senior Gabe who got it just right!)

Focus on fit.  Make sure the sizing is on point.  A good fit goes a long way in highlighting your best features.

Press The Point: Clothing of every style looks a little more pulled together when it's wrinkle free.

Mix it Up: Vary the textures, patterns and necklines of the shirts and change up the color of the pants. Denim in blue, black or khaki will give you a lot of freedom to mix 'n match.

Oh and here's a bonus tip! Consider bringing coats, caps, sunglasses or props that can easily be put on and then taken off with ease. These additions fit with the comfortable and casual theme plus personalize the overall look.

Seeing Double with the Briggs Twins Senior Pictures

Seeing Double with the Briggs Twins Senior Pictures Seeing Double with the Briggs Twins Senior Pictures Yes you are most definitely seeing double! We are seriously twinning this season (Tanner and Ryan round out our third pair of birthday sharing siblings for the Class of 2017!) As funny as they are handsome, the look-a-like brothers were nice enough to arrive with different hair styles so I at least had a fighting chance of telling the identical duo apart. (Full disclosure... I still mixed them up for like the first full hour -- they would change their outfit and I would change their names... #Impressive. (The boys were kind enough to just simply answer me anyway)

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Time-out with Kevin | Redmond High School Senior Boy

Redmond High School Senior Boy photo shootPart way through our senior shoot with Kevin I really needed him to take a time-out! No -- this was not the toddler "take a break and think about what you've done variety" the Redmond High School Senior Boy (and basketball player) is so much taller than me that I finally had to have him sit down so that I could get the angles that I wanted. (ha! slam dunk!)

Why high school senior boys photo shoots are fun...

We began incorporating video and behind the scenes footage into our high school senior sessions so that you could really see how playful and awesome the fellas are during our photo shoots. This video is only 30 seconds long but it really says it all about why teenage boys are fun to photograph.  Gabe here is part of our model brand ambassadors for the Class of 2017 season -- we've also posted a ton more of the models on our Facebook and Instagram accounts with the #SBMT17 ...these kids rock!  (Oh...and our Model Team applications deadline has passed -- we have selected our 20 Model Brand Ambassadors for 2017 so look for some amazing shots coming soon from our group shoot!)

Senior Guy Style Ideas | Change it Up!

Wardrobe ideas and style inspiration for high school senior boys_senior pictures portrait studioWhen it comes to our senior guys, we know that there can never be enough style inspiration so heres another great example of one of our fellas getting it all right! With four outfit changes, Tony decided to include a variety of looks.. both upscale and casual. We love the simple black mock sweater for that timeless "will always be amazing" finish; the red plaid for a pop of color & texture; his shoutout to NYC with a layered urban nod and finishing with his love of the Denver Broncos. His shoot reflects exactly who he is right now and isn't that what the Senior Pictures milestone is all about?