2012 Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures with Ombre Style | Liberty High School | Studio B Portraits

Best-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-featuring-ombre-hair-color-of-Liberty-girlBest-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-featuring-ombre-hair-color-of-Liberty-girl-laying-grass-at-Studio-B Liberty High School Senior Casey is the second grad from her family that I've had the privilege of photographing for this big milestone (first was her older brother).  I can't say enough about Casey's personal style...as you can see...she just visually makes you want to look at her.  So I know that potentially sounds super odd...but as an artist -- I truly appreciate the way that she combined both pattern, texture and color for her shoot.  From her "very now" ombre tresses highlighted in Fall's auburn to burnt orange hues to her exquisite camera-ready make-up.  Brava!  Seeing her here, I bet you would never in a million year guess that Casey doesn't like to be photographed (hard to believe, but she tells me it's true!)

Issaquah High School Senior Pictures with Style | Studio B Seniors 2013

Issaquah-High-School-Senior-Pictures-of-Asian-boy-with-GuitarIssaquah-High-School-Senior-Pictures-of-cool-Asian-guy Meet Jason, Issaquah High School Class of 2013!  YES, he is in fact rocking a bow tie here on the right...WELL :-)  Since we do several outfit changes during our senior photo shoots, I loved that we were able to showcase Jason's unique sense of style.  And that guitar?  Not just a cool prop -- this fella has skills...and self taught no less!  For more from Jason and an insider look at upcoming 2013 Senior Pictures trends, check out our 2013 Model Team.

Black and White Senior Pictures | Issaquah High School Senior Boy Connor

Black-and-white-boy-senior-pictures-photographed-at-Studio-B-SeniorsIssaquah-portrait-studio-senior-pictures-of-cool-boy-looking-down High School Senior Boys are awesome.  Really....and I'm going to tell you why.  Because even when they detest the idea of coming for senior pictures...doing the dance that is wardrobe changes and frankly...a myriad of ridiculous photographic shenanigans -- they do it anyway!!!! Why?  Because they love their Moms and they know it will make them happy!  Such was the case with Issaquah High School 2012 Senior Connor.  I know you can't tell by looking at these gorgeous black & white pictures, but given the choice between coming to see me at the studio and dental work...he might have opted for the root canal :-)  BUT he wasn't given a choice and decided to just channel his inner bad-boy-persona for what made for some killer senior pictures.  We flipped the color switch back on for this other GQ Magazine-inspired studio sneak peak that we posted here on our Facebook page.

Senior pictures in Spring...Blooming Beautiful with Kings High School Senior | Seattle Photographer

As promised more from King's High School Senior Helle.  We first "sneak peaked" you (yes...I know that I just made up that word) earlier in the week with the awesome shots featuring she and her friend Karleigh on the motorcycles and with the retro bus but I just had to showcase gorgeous singles of Helle with the Spring flowers.  She's a perfect example that great senior pictures don't need any special props...simple sun, fun and a a pretty smile will do just fine thank you.

Senior Pictures Specials | Book with a Friend at Studio B Seniors

Studio-B-Seniors-fashion-inspired-high-school-senior-picutres-in-Seattle Senior-pictures-Specials-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah-near-Seattle


You are smiling at the screen right now aren't you? I mean honestly, who can blame you -- Kings High School Seniors Helle and Karleigh look like they are having a ball...and uh... they are ;-)  Shooting senior pictures with your BFF is fun.   The comedy of this shot is that...the motorcycles are SO not ours.  We just kept inching closer and closer until the owners finally said..."did you want to get on?"  "Heck yes" I reply and off we went!   If you're wondering how to schedule senior pictures with a friend, here's the back-story -- Each of the girls scheduled individual senior portrait sessions, we just made arrangements and scheduling to allow for extra time to photograph a few shots together too.  We're running a Book with a Friend Special in June so if you are interested here's the link  More from Helle and Karleigh's individual shoots coming soon!

Studio B Seniors | Brooke for Kings High School | Seattle Photographer

Best-senior-pictures-photographer-in-Seattle-photographing-Kings-High-School-girl-outdoorsStudio-B-Seniors-portrait-studio-photographing-Kings-High-School-girl-outdoorsPretty-senior-pictures-of-Kings-High-School-girl-in-Seattle Just looking at pretty Brooke from Kings High School sitting in the lobby I thought -- "oh now this senior pictures photo shoot is going to be fun fun fun!"  Sometimes it takes me a good while to figure out the celebrity that a particular gal or guy looks like but with Brooke...I knew immediately.  She reminds me of Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars.  (If you know who that is, then right now you are surely thinking to yourself "OMG, you are so right"  but if you do not...then here's the link to the  actress so you can join in the fun.)  Big thanks to Sorella Salon for styling her gorgeous locks!

Seattle Senior Pictures | Kings High School: Emma for Studio B Seniors

Fun-Senior-Pictures-in-the-sun-of-Kings-High-School-Emma-at-Studio-B-Portraits-SeattleSeattle-Senior-Pictures-featuring-Kings-High-School-Emma-at-Studio-B-PortraitsFun-Senior-Pictures-in-the-sun-of-Kings-High-School-Emma-at-Studio-B-Portraits-Seattle Bring on Spring!  That's exactly what I thought when I saw King's High School beauty Emma in her pretty little floral frock.  Luckily the sun decided to make a well timed appearance (following a deluge of Seattle rain just 30 minutes prior)  And it wouldn't be me if I didn't also point out a really awesome style idea that Emma chose for her Senior pictures photo shoot....a quick change of her dress cover!  Undecided on weather a trendy denim shirt or lavender sweater would be the perfect compliment -- she brought both and we just swapped a few frames into the look.  Both looked great and I love the idea of making two looks from one.  The moral of this style story:  always bring more than you think you are going to need. The only mistake is leaving it in your closet :-)