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Studio B Seniors Model Team Open Call – Class of 2014 | Feature Story Alexis| Issaquah High School

Studio-B-Portraits_Issaquah-High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model-Team-_Alexis We had such a fun time sharing our Senior Model Interviews and I couldn't be more pleased to close out our series with a final interview with Issaquah High School Model Alexis!  She has the most dazzling blue eyes and even brighter spirit -- what a joy it is to have gotten to know her over this past year!  Before we jump into her interview below, I wanted to give one final reminder that our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team Open Casting call is coming to a close at the end of this month.  If you are or know an awesome Junior in High School that would be a great model, please be sure to have them request an application via the link above.

1. Name: Alexis

2. School: Issaquah High School

3. My style right now is... Casual

4. Favorite Magazine: Glamour

5. Favorite Retailer: Abercrombie and Fitch

6. So "Right Now": Vintage lace-up boots, scarfs, chiffon material (for shirts), Toms

7. So "Over it": Furry Boots/Be-Dazzled Boots

8. My favorite color(s) are... Blue, Purple, Pink, Teal

9. My celebrity Style Icon is... Selena Gomez, because her casual style is simple but pretty; complete with skinny jeans, lace up boots or Toms, a scarf and some type of cardigan or light weight shirt. Gorgeous.

10. My favorite Studio B Model Moment was... Definitely laughing with Brooke. She makes it so relaxing and fun and makes you feel like all eyes are on you which allows you to be in your own element to show off who you truly are.

11. Your Best Studio B Outfit/Shot: My favorite shot was one where I was outside against a white wall with one hand on my side and the other hand resting on the wall. I was wearing a very light golden-white three quarter sleeve shirt that had two buttons that formed a small V-shape on the front of the shirt. I was asked to look at my mom and sister who were standing in the distance watching the photo shoot and while looking towards them the resulting shot really showcased my eyes which I always get compliments on including my full smile and one of my favorite shirts. All together it had to have been one of my favorite shots because it was simple and it was "me" :)"

12. Anything else?: Be yourself in any photo that is taken of you that is supposed to last a lifetime because you want to be able to look back on it and remember how you felt when it was taken. Brooke is fabulous and allows you to create memories that you will always remember.

Fashion Inspired High School Senior Pictures | Bohemian Beauty | Best Seattle Photographer

Studio B Portraits_High School Senior Pictures 1_Bohemian Fashion_Brooke Clark PhotographerStudio B Portraits_High School Senior Pictures_Bohemian Fashion_Brooke Clark Photographer Studio B Portraits_High School Senior Pictures_Bohemian Fashion2_Brooke Clark Photographer Chrysalis High School Senior Elysse has such a cool bohemian style. Her super long auburn locks caught the wind just right at times and I swear she reminded me of a mermaid (sans water and the tail...never mind, maybe she doesn't look anything like a mermaid) I loved the vintage inspired headband and she shared with me that her Mom had actually made it. Oh how I wish I had one ounce of "crafty" in me...but alas...I am doomed to be the person who just wanders around Michaels and Joann's Fabric dreaming of what could be...because frankly I'm all thumbs. Elysse is one of those girls with a great sense of fashion and I wasn't surprised to learn that her post-high school plans have her destined to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise in SoCal.

Studio B Seniors Model Team Open Call – Class of 2014 | Feature Story Ellie| Bellevue High School

Studio-B-Portraits_Bellevue-High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model- As we continue casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors) I am so excited to share the latest in our model interview series featuring last season's top model and Bellevue High School beauty Ellie!  The thing that I love most about Ellie's photo shoots is her ability to combine both sweet and sassy in the same photo.  She always has a special sparkle in her eyes that makes her senior pictures just pop!  For a photographer, it doesn't get any better.  And now our interview...

1. NAME: Ellie 2. SCHOOL: Bellevue High School 3. My style right now is… Vintage chic 4. Favorite magazine: Seventeen 5. Favorite retailer: Buckle 6. So “Right Now”….Cowboy boots with sundresses! 7. So “Over it”…maxi dresses 8. My favorite color is…purple! 9. My celebrity style icon is…Taylor Swift! Her style is very classic and polished 10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was…Posing with my mom! She is a huge part of my life and I loved being able to share this fun experience with her. 11. Describe your best Studio B photo (or outfit: I loved the photo of me wearing my cowboy boots and red dress playing my guitar. It really captured what I enjoy and I think anyone who knows me well would say it is a stellar representation of my personality 12. Anything else you’d like to share with your readers….I loved being a Studio B model! Normally I wouldn't consider myself very photogenic, but Brooke made the experience a fun one that I will never forget.

Studio B Seniors Model Team Open Call – Class of 2014 | Feature Story Kelly | Mercer Island High School

Studio-B-Portraits_Mercer-Island-High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model-Team- Unless this is your first visit to our blog, you probably know that we are currently casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors – CLICK HERE for details on applying) and today I'm thrilled to continue our model interview series featuring another of our awesome girls from last season -- Mercer Island High School beauty Kelly.  To say that she is my Favorite -- with a capital "F" is a total understatement.  Kelly has such a positive glow about her and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree -- her Mom is just lovely too!   Kelly and I spent the better part of our photo shoots gossiping about the latest installment of The Bachelor and trying to predict his next move (...at least it's like four IQ steps above Honey Boo Boo, right?)  Here's all of the inside scoop for trends, fashion and reality TV from Kelly!...

1. NAME: Kelly 2. SCHOOL: Mercer Island High School 3. My style right now is... cute and comfortable! 4. Favorite magazine: Seventeen 5. Favorite retailer: Nordstrom http://shop.nordstrom.com/ 6. So "Right Now": I love infinity scarves, and scarves in general! They will never go out of style! 7. So "Over it": Crop tops... Yikes. 8. My favorite color(s) are: Lavender and baby blue! 9. My celebrity style icon is... Lauren Conrad. I love how her style is casual, beachy, and girly! And she always looks put together! 10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was... At each shoot, Brooke and I would constantly talk about our obsession with 'The Bachelor'... 11. My favorite Studio B photo was taken while I was holding my old film camera, leaning against the side of an old building. It's truly a unique picture, and it honestly looks like I could be in a different country... And I love the sepia tone! 12. I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my senior pictures! Brooke is an amazing photographer who makes you feel comfortable, and she accommodates to your style. I love photography, and she definitely inspired me to pursue it as a career!

Studio B Seniors Model Team Open Call - Class of 2014 | Feature Story with Riley Eastlake High School

Studio-B-Portraits_High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model-Team-_Riley-Eastlake If you've been following us on the blog this month, you already know that we are currently casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors - CLICK HERE for details on applying) and sitting down with our favorite models from last season getting their take on all things fashion & style.  Today we're featuring Riley and I love her because she is a true chameleon in front of the camera.  I had the joy of photographing her on three separate occasions and each time she walked through the door it was like visually meeting a new girl...casual, dressy, curly hair, sleek and straight...she delivers the best of every look!

1. Name: Riley

2. School: Eastlake High School

3. My Style Right Now: Boho or girly, on days I actually feel like trying…

4. Favorite Magazine: Seventeen or Vogue. Seventeen is a fun read but Vogue really inspires me.

5. Love to Shop: Oh boy, I can't choose just one!!

Nordstrom: www.nordstrom.com

Madewell: www.madewell.com

TopShop: www.topshop.com

Free People: www.freepeople.com

6. So Right Now: Prints, prints, prints!! But be careful which ones you choose… Some tribals will be on their way out soon. You always have to have a good pair of boots, especially in Washington. Leather jackets are in, always have been, always will be! Sheer blouses are some of my favorite, because you can dress them down, or up! And finally, oversized sweaters… soo comfy!!!

7. Completely Over: Floral prints… Never been a huge fan.

8. Favorite Color: Turquoise

9. Celebrity Inspiration: I like Blake Lively, because she will either dress girly, or boho, and I sometimes walk the line between those as well.

10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was when I was taking pictures with Brooke at a little white house, and this cute old man came out of the house next door to tell me I was pretty! He made my day for sure :)

11. My favorite model outfit was probably the one with denim shorts, a cream long sleeve tee with a brown knit vest over it and my combat boots. It was very me and it felt like I was just in something that I would be wearing anyway, not just to take pictures in. However, I did LOVE wearing my cowboy boots, they're pretty awesome…

12. What you need to know: If you're thinking about being a model, stop hesitating!! Working with Brooke is SO much fun and she always makes you feel and look like a princess. You won't be disappointed!!

HIGH SCHOOL MODELS WANTED - Class of 2014 | Feature Story with Morgan-Mount Si High School

Studio-B-Portraits_High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model-Team-_Morgan-Mount-Si It’s time for the second installment of our Senior Model Interview Series where we talked to some of our very favorite high school models from last years team to get their behind the scenes POV on their experience as a Studio B Portraits top model. This feature we're highlighting the gorgeous Morgan!  If she's looking a bit familiar, it probably because you've seen her splashed across the front of our main Studio B website for the past year -- I absolutely adored this image of her because it fully captured and communicated the "You on Your Best Day" philosophy for every session I shoot here at Studio B..  And since we are currently casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors) be sure to request an application at Studio B Seniors if you are (or know) and awesome gal or guy that would make a great model for Studio B Portraits!  CLICK HERE to apply online.

NAME: Morgan SCHOOL: Mount Si High School My style right now is… Does warm count...? :) Lovely Washington throws all kinds of weather at us this time of year, I've had fun playing with scarves and BIG SWEATERS. They are my current obsession. Jeans and boots are easy for the winter and being such a bargain shopper.. I like that I can find them for good deals once I start looking around.

Favorite retailer ... Forever 21! I got a lot of my new clothes for my Senior Pictures here and since it isn't too pricey, it makes it reasonable for a high school student! Plus, the new store in Bellevue Square makes a trip much more reasonable than driving to Southcenter, and the store is so big there's usually not a problem finding what I'm looking for!


So “Right Now”…. Like I said, I have a growing number of sweaters... The fall/winter is my favorite season to dress for because adding layers creates both warmth and cute outfits! Plus, it's easy! Jeans, boots, and sweaters and off to school :)

My favorite color(s) is… Blues/Purples, but I loved how my patterned outfits looked on camera! My favorite Studio B Model moment was… Trying to capture my student athletic trainer photographs... Having Brooke and Erin throw a football at my face while trying to keep my eyes open and not create tears from laughing so hard was nearly impossible. Who knew those "in action" shots weren't as easy as they look in magazines... But it was so much fun! I always felt comfortable, never awkward or tense when I was being photographed at Studio B because it was things like this that made the experience exciting and personable.

Describe your best Studio B photo (or outfit)... I have so many photos I like this question is nearly impossible.... BUT! I do absolutely love the image we took during my first session, in my black dress with my arm up laughing. (No it was certainly not a staged fake "laugh for the camera" photograph) When I saw that just having a good time had produced such a great picture I was super excited. I think it really captures my personality and the REAL me, not a posed robot being positioned through a senior photo. I also liked the outfit with my bright yellow pants! It was POURING DOWN RAIN outside, but somehow it ended up creating great lighting, plus the umbrella showed off just how unpredictable Washington weather can be!

Anything else you’d like to share ….  Studio B made the senior photo experience a comfortable and exciting one. I was glad when I saw my pictures that they captured my personality and my style so perfectly. I would recommend anyone goes there, not only for the amazing photography, but because the people are just as great!!

Eastside Catholic High School Senior Pictures | Sammamish Portrait Studio


This is such a mixed time of year....tons of holiday family and kids portraits sessions but still the BEST of our awesome high school seniors too. Just had to have you meet Angelina from Eastside Catholic High School.  This 2013 Senior has such a spark on camera that of course I just had to share a few of my favorites from her senior pictures photo shoot in her super cute LBD (little black dress)