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What does your profile picture say about you?

Science reveals that Headshots on bright backgrounds like orange are eye catching_Photographer Brooke Clark Here's a fun fact (backed by science) -- Humans can draw conclusions about people based on their photo in less than one-half of one tenth of a second...or in other words --  we can make a positive visual impression in 40 milliseconds. (Or the opposite...but I'm a "glass is half full" kind of gal so we'll just go with that!)  I found the coolest article from Kevan Lee on the subject and it has a ton of really interesting research-based data and suggestions... including:

  • 7 Elements of the Best Profile Pictures
  • How to appear approachable, helpful, and attractive
  • What makes you seem likable, competent, and influential
  • To face the camera or not to face the camera
  • The importance of the background color ...and SO much more, but I'm not going to lie...I was pretty fired up that my current profile picture (above) is the EXACT one they recommended for maximum impact (100% coincidence but I'm going to act like it was on purpose ;-) )

Jokes aside... my un-scientific experience says that preparation and confidence are likely going to take you the farthest in your pursuit of a strong profile headshot for social media but if you've got a minute -- this was a great read!  Oh and if you are looking for headshot inspiration and samples you can check out our Studio B Headshot Gallery

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The Business of your Professional Brand...the Many Faces of You | Headshots Seattle

Great-business-headshots-for-professional-networking-and-marketing_Studio-B_0134.jpg For many of our business clients, putting their best face forward includes personal branding with a variety of professional images tailored to specific social media, marketing, and distribution channels.  If you are thinking -- um what? ... that's just fancy talk for "change it up and be thoughtful about when, where and why you do it."  If you are anything like me (highly visual) I know you will appreciate a quick demonstration so... meet Mr. Lester.  I had the great pleasure of photographing this serial entrepreneur (and plying him with far too many of my own curiosities about his work, travels and experiences for which he was extremely gracious)  During his photo shoot we were focused on creating images that would communicate more than just the fact that "he's the boss" -- yes he's a leader, but on any given day he's also a trusted partner, collaborator and engaging speaker.  Clothing and expression are the single most important communicators of who you are photographically  so when you you need your personal brand to communicate "approachable"  (for example)... smiles, more casual clothing and relaxed body language are your ticket.  Speaking of casual business the options showcased here for men -- no tie, open collars, subtle patterns. Perfection.

Want to see more? Here is a link to our Headshot Portfolio and if you'd like to schedule a session, just contact us for availability.


How to Dress without Stress for your Portfolio Shoot

Great professional headshots of woman in blue velvet jacket with denim Some people make getting dressed for a photo shoot look so easy don't they? Yeah... I'm talking about Kate Hudson look-a-like Marja above.  (heehee)  This blue velvet jacket, denim and sweet bow-tie booty shoe combo is spot-on! Believe me, making it look effortless requires a lot of effort!  I've said it before but it's worth repeating...if you want to take the stress out of getting ready for your Portfolio or Headshot Session, the very best thing you can do is plan & prepare.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Think about where you are going to use the final images (Professional Networking? Social Media? Online Dating) and let that be your guide for each and every outfit.
  • Dress head to toe... even if nobody sees your feet in a particular shot... pulling your entire look together gives you that extra touch of camera-ready confidence
  • Bring alternatives... heck, bring a suitcase of options and include accessories that make a statement about you
  • Do your homework and look through pictures and poses that you think are amazing... it helps you feel prepared to communicate your vision (remember this is a collaborative process!)... Since it's May and everything is blooming... ladies, I found this fun article on 15 Spring Trends... a little inspiration for you :-)

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How to make people like you in less than 7 Seconds...

Great-headshots-of-blonde-woman-in-grey-jacket-from-Waggener-Edstrom-agency-in-Seattle Full disclosure...I am mildly obsessed with everything business and branding -- cue the shock & awe if you've been reading my recent post related to taking your personal brand to the professional level. (I'm pretty sure you already were well aware.)  Anyway...I read this great article about the 15 Secrets of Really Persuasive People in Entrepreneur Magazine that said "Research shows that most people decide whether or not they like you within the first seven seconds. They then spend the rest of the conversation internally justifying their initial reaction."  Right now is a great time to ask yourself if your digital handshake - aka. your Linked In profile picture, editorial and industry trade photography, website bio picture and all of your professional branding images are delivering your strongest first impression?  What are your prospective clients, readers, & network deciding about you solely based on your online presentation?

When we photograph Professional Portfolio Sessions (like Dawn Beauparlant above)... that is the question that we are answering with the images that we create. Dawn is crushing it in the technology space -- YES women in tech (don't believe everything you see on HBO's Silicon Valley!)  and communicating her personal brand as a leader would not be telling the whole story unless we also focus on showcasing her confidence, creativity and modern style across all of her varied media channels.  (If you are thinking...her what?... that's a fancy way of reminding you that when people Google search you... your picture comes up on all of the different websites that exist and you will want to tailor your image to each of those places)  Quick rule of thumb --

- Linked-In is your networking calling card ... a little more formal or dressy is never a wrong choice here

- Company website & blogs - consider using the firms brand colors for a sharp presentation that will make marketing & collateral pop

-  Twitter... this is a conversation space so go ahead and lighten the mood and loosen up the overall look

- Facebook & Google +...if you are using it with a mix of business and personal contacts... you're okay to get more casual but keep it professional (you are still representing your brand)

If you like this article and would like to read more headshot and professional branding related tips -- here's a quick link to more.

Why the Best Version of You is 100x's Better than the Knock off of Someone Else

Interview with Seattle headshot photographer Brooke Clark In business today, it’s never been more important to communicate who you are.... not just what you do. I think we can all agree that the best version of you is 100% better than the knock-off version of someone else, right? I built my entire career on the idea that I’d set a nice low bar (yes...I said it... a LOW bar :-) ...pat myself on the back for my success and then raise it again. That little voice of doubt can’t become a big roar of fear if I’m winning a little victory every day. For those of you that are scared to put yourself out there because you haven’t lost the weight or you don’t look the way you did 10 years ago – just remember that great lighting, fabulous posing and a rocking photographer can go a long way – haha! You thought I was going to say it’s not about looking perfect didn’t you? I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention because the truth is… feeling amazing and looking great is part of your personal best on a business level every bit as much as education, experience, networking and all of the other tools in your arsenal of professional awesome-ness (I stole that last word from my 10 year old… just feels good to say, doesn’t it?) I’ve written several articles about personal branding as it pertains to capturing your professional headshot image and after you sift through the snappy clothing, styled hair and flawless make-up… it always comes down to asking yourself if the final look is authentically you because that’s who people are doing business with each day.

Client "Love Letter"

Sheenah-Hellmers-thank-you-letter-to-Studio-B I love "letters" -- I like writing them, I like getting them...and I'm pretty sure it hall harkens back to when I was a small child and my Aunt Judy would send me and my sisters care packages in the mail.  There literally was no greater happiness than seeing that brown-paper-wrapped package, covered with Easter stickers in our mail box (the contents were always great, but not as memorable as actually seeing it arrive for us -- now THAT was the true joy!) much as things change...apparently they also stay just the same. I received this lovely letter in the mail from Realtor Sheenah Hellmers who was a little nervous about having her professionals headshots updated.  After her head shot session and selection of her images -- she wrote this and receiving her words in the mail literally made my day :-)

"Thank you so much for your artistry and talent. I love, love love my new picture and look....It is me!...Which sounds easy but I know is not. I've had an overwhelmingly positive response from friends, family and colleagues. You are the best!  Thank you! Thank you! Sheenah"

Business Headshot Special | Professionals Week March 24-28


We do exactly ONE professional headshot promotion each year -- and DING's here. But before I get to the details-- I wanted share a quick story about Dr. Terry Jacobson (pictured above) and thank her for allowing us to showcase her recent headshot image for our Professional's Week promo.  Terry is like A LOT of Studio B clients that look forward to portrait sessions in the same fashion that they appreciate hot forks through their eyes.  As soon as we met, I was confused as to why...I mean, clearly she is more than ready for her close-up in a very big way.  Of course we had a fantastic photo shoot but it was the note that she sent me later that totally made me fall out of my chair laughing....

"You guys rock. I might actually enjoy photos one of these days as a result (well….hmmmmm….maybe not).
You made it far less painful than I anticipated.
xox TJ"

For all of you that have been looking for a little nudge toward putting hot forks into your eyes...I mean getting your head shot done -- here's your perfect time ;-) March 24-28th is Professionals Week at Studio B Portraits — that special week of the year that our rock star Head Shot Special becomes just a little more fabulous. This all-inclusive portrait session gives you everything you need to refresh your look, and update your marketing and Linked-in profiles with your new contemporary head shot. Mention Studio B Portraits Promo Code PW14 to receive $25 off your session. Need a little inspiration for your head shot session? Check out our our gallery of business professionals at