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Family Portrait Session featuring the Sullivan's | Issaquah Portrait Studio near Bellevue WA

Studio-B-Portraits_Best-Family-Pictures-SeattleStudio-B-Portraits_Best-Family-Pictures-SeattleStudio-B-Portraits_Best-Family-Pictures-Seattle Two things struck me as I met the Sullivan Family -- the first was that I instantly realized that I was completely vertically challenged as compared to this extremely statuesque family of four.  Seriously, I know you can't tell from this set of portraits but HOLY SMOKES...this group makes quite an impressive entrance. (I'm 5'7 myself so for me to spend the entire session looking up or standing on a stool is honestly saying something!)  My second item of notation is that the family was so comfortable in front of the camera that I was shocked to learn that it had been 17 years since their last family portrait session -- that is not a typo...I said "17" years.  Wow, talk about naturals...clearly it all came back to them quickly (either that...or they really do like each other ;-) )  We also posted another favorite from their family photo shoot on our Facebook page here.

Senior Pictures, SWEET! | Studio B Portraits in Issaquah near Seattle

Senior-pictures-in-Seattle-of-beautiful-Iraqi-teen-girl-from-Issaquah-High-School Fun-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-of-Issaquah-High-School-Class-of-2012-teen-with-a-lollipop

Let me count the ways for how much I loved Issaquah High School Senior Sahar's sweet floral sundress and lollipop look!  This shoot was colorful, happy and full of energy...gotta love a glam fan to really take it to the next level :-)  I say this all of the time to the teens, but it's worth mentioning here (for like the 800th time)...have FUN, don't take any of this senior pictures experience as life or death, plan your outfits in advance and throw extra props or accessories in (maybe they work, maybe they don't)  but who's fashion, just have fun with it -- it's a celebration, time to play and just take it all in!

Boy Senior Pictures don't come any cooler than this

Best-Senior-Pictures-in-Seattle-of-Eastlake-Sammamish-High-School-boy-doing-skateboard-trick Boy senior pictures are VERY different than the girls...and mostly because the fellas grow up wanting to be Super Man (not Supermodels).   I have photographed Eastlake Sammish High School Senior Trevor before and knew that he was into skateboarding so I guess the thing that surprised me is how hard I had to plead for him to actually show off his skill!  He clearly is way too humble. The guy was totally content to just have his board in the shot without any action...but NO, I won't be denied (insert begging portion of his photo shoot) And Wa-lah -- LOVED THIS cool shot on the left.  I especially like the sign in the right corner that says "keep out" :-)  Yep, rebel times at Studio B.  Oh, and big shout out to Christine at Christine and Carrie Salon for the brilliant camera-ready hairstyling (see it's not just for girls).

Modern Senior Pictures featuring 2011 Kings High School Kate | Issaquah, WA

Kings-High-School-Outdoor--high-school-senior-portraits-of-teenager-with-flowers-WattersOutdoor-senior-pictures-of-red-head-pretty-high-school-student-from-KingModern-senior-pictures-in-a-portrait-studio-in-Issaquah-near-Bellevue-Washington Photographing Kings High School Senior Pictures for Kate was such an adventure - we had the most bi-polar weather...shining one minute, serious side-ways rain the next and honestly this sweet girl never lost her own sunny disposition.   No worries "have umbrella will travel"...or in our case 3 umbrelllas :-)  We added one more on our Facebook page too


Senior Pictures featuring Lake Washington High School Class of 2012 Beauty

Overlake-High-School-Outdoor--high-school-senior-pictures-of-teenager-with-flowers near Bellevue WA For outdoor senior pictures, I just cannot get enough of the gorgeous flowers that are in full colorful bloom (when it's not pouring outside :-)  Lake Washington High School's Jessica looks more like she's in a tropical rain forest than downtown Issaquah but lucky for us...we had more forest than rain for this shoot!  Doesn't she have the most phenomenal blue eyes?

Buckets, it was pouring buckets of rain for Edmonds-Woodway High School Senior Pictures with Kim | Portrait Studio, Issaquah WA

Fashion-Senior-Pictures-of-Edmonds-Woodway-High-School-Senior--GirlEdmonds-Woodway-High-School-Senior-Pictures-Girl_Bender Buckets.  It was pouring BUCKETS during our senior portraits photo shoot with Kim from Edmonds-Woodway High School. And you know what...didn't matter a bit!  This blonde bombshell rocked the most glamorous photo shoot (indoors and outdoors) and had her sister, Mom and me smiling the entire time.  Given the title of this post, I'm guessing you'd assume I'd be showing her smashingly awesome outdoor photos but NO...I had to show these because THIS is how fabulous she looked after an entire photo shoot in the rain -- yep this was our last look of the session.

More than just a Headshot, She's Sophisticated style from Head to Toe | Portrait Studio Issaquah, WA

Outdoor-business-photography-and-head-shots-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-BellevueBusiness-headshots-of-woman-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-Seattle Maria came to Studio B in celebration of her college graduation and just looking at her awesome style, I felt like celebrating myself.  LOVED this to-die-for plaid coat but it was Maria's sophisticated confidence that just took these fashion-inspired photo shoot to the next level for me.  And can I just say...holy cats, look at her flawless skin...another beautiful camera-ready face courtesy of our professional make-up artist Sara (and Maria's parents of course!)