Couple shares the secret to success in When Harry Met Sally style photo shoot

Listening to this sweet couple Dana and Michael tell us about their very first date 20 years ago during their photo shoot was like watching a scene out of the opening credits of When Harry Met Sally. Seriously if Harry Connick Jr. had arrived at the studio and broken into the song "It Had to be You" -- this photographic moment could not have been any more perfect. And then it was...because I asked them to dance -- and Michael said with a smile at Dana "We love to dance" -- he offered his hand and she accepted...he gave her a twirl...and it was so very wonderful in every way. Sweet older couple dancing at Studio B Portraits

"What is the secret to your success as a couple?"  I ask.

Dana responds "He always makes me laugh" -- And he did. Again and again for the entire session (and the last twenty years)  I'm smiling just thinking about it myself right now. :-)  What a gift.

Sweetest couple ever in love after 20 years together laughing and playing in the studio