Bellevue family portraits

Dream Family Portraits | Fall at Studio B Portraits feat. the Campbells

Fall has swept us away once again with it’s gorgeous colors and perfect light- can I get an “AMEN” from all my other PNW autumn lovers?! And as much as this season inspires me to light a candle and drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte, it makes me even more excited to pick up a camera and make some magic with our amazing Studio B families.

Would you even believe that we adventured with the Campbell family to this cliff-side location just minutes from our studio space in downtown Issaquah?! And holy smokes, this family is as fun as they are stunning.

Campbell_beautiful family cliffside fall portraits.jpg

We had no lack of laughter and fun moments during our Family Portrait Session with these four. Their adoration for each other was clear - we were just thrilled to be apart of it for an afternoon!

Campbell_outdoor fall family portraits issaquah.jpg

Check out our BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO with the Campbell Family | pc:

When it comes to proudly displaying your Family Portraits when all is said and done, we love the luxurious variety that our Artbooks offer. Click on the video below to see how the Campbells fabulous shoot is now a forever memory to display in their home.

Not only is our Artbook a beautiful home accessory, it also is simple to bring along while traveling when the need arises to show your out of town family and friends a glimpse into your session.

Studio B Portraits_issaquah fall family portraits.jpg

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Fun Bellevue Family Portraits outdoors on location with Studio B and the Beckermans

Bellevue-Family-portraits-photographed-outdoors-on-location-by-Studio-B-Portraits-IssaquahMarried-couple-having-a-sweet-moment-during-family-pictures-in-BellevueCandid-family-portraits-in-Bellevue-backyardBrothers-wrestling-on-the-lawn-in-Bellevue-WA-for-family-portraits Meet the Beckermans!  We traveled on location to Bellevue to photograph this sweet family outdoors in their backyard. (The irony of course is the entire yard is covered in gorgeous flowers (Mom is a green thumb) but all you are seeing here is the grass :-)  If the older kids are looking familiar you are probably recognizing them for their senior portrait photo shoots.  I have a few years before I get their little man for his big senior pictures milestone so of course I went to town making certain that he got some extra love during this family shoot!

So I'm totally NOT saying they stole it, but...

Beautiful-outdoor-family-pictures-in-Issaquah-at-Studio-B-PortraitsOutdoor-lifestyle-family-pictures-in-Issaquah-near-BellevueProfessional-family-portraits-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah-near-Bellevue-Washington Family pictures are fun...and sometimes it's the back story that can REALLY make it for me.  The Dunphy's are the perfect example.  Dad Peter tells me that they are building their dream home quite a distance away but before they leave the area they wanted to capture a family portrait that would be quintessential "Issaquah" to remember the town that they have enjoyed for so many years.  All right I say and off we go -- I mean after all, what is more Issaquah than Old Town right?  But wait, all of a sudden they pull out what appears to be a street I'm not implying that they stole it, but I am going to say that I think it was incredibly fortunate that the perfect"remember me" address just fell to the ground for our photo shoot to commemorate the portrait session :-)  Oh and it wouldn't be me if I didn't make a quick reference to the perfect choice of clothes -- trust me, I know dressing for family pictures can be challenging so go ahead and use this as a great example of getting it right!  Their coordinated color palette blends beautifully with the natural surroundings, the layers are add interest and the dark denim give a nice upscale finish to a casual lifestyle shoot.