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Can you get seriously amazing senior pictures in Winter...even in Seattle? | Bellevue Portrait Studio Photographer

Bellevue Christian High School Senior Pictures at Studio B of pretty chinese girl_0258.jpgSeattle has a fairly accurate rep for being soggy in February (reference your window today for evidence) - haha - but our photo shoot with Leila this week was perfection.  Don't let the gorgeous streaming rays of light, flowy sundress and gladiator sandal fool you -- it was every bit the chilly temperatures you might expect this time of year but oh my gosh we really can have pretty outdoor senior pictures (even in Winter!)  This Bellevue Christian High School Senior was such trooper -- wearing a cover until right before it was time to shoot -- then tossing it to her sister/stylist and Mom...and making magic happen in front of the camera like a true pro!  Doesn't she look like she should be in the pages of a magazine???  (Oh and shout out to the fabulous Sorella Salon for Leila's gorgeous camera ready hair +make-up)

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And then it rained...BOO! | Fall Family Pictures in Seattle

Best Fall Family Pictures in Seattle_photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke clark_0184.jpg
Best Fall Family Pictures in Seattle_photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke clark_0184.jpg
Best Fall Family Pictures in Seattle_photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke clark_0185.jpg
Best Fall Family Pictures in Seattle_photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke clark_0185.jpg
Best Fall Family Pictures in Seattle_photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke clark_0183.jpg
Best Fall Family Pictures in Seattle_photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke clark_0183.jpg
Best Fall Family Pictures in Seattle_photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke clark_0186.jpg
Best Fall Family Pictures in Seattle_photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke clark_0186.jpg

I have been doing the equivalent of screaming from the rooftops for anyone that will listen -- THIS IS time for outdoor Fall Family pictures is literally right now!!!  I mean it is just gorgeous and Mom Linda did her very best planning for her family of five.  She dressed them to perfection, she blew out her gorgeous blond hair and if she is anything like the rest of us Mom's -- she begged her family to "act right" as the one and only request that she will ever have of her beloved family (because that's what we Mom's covet... "amazing images to prove that we like one another" (haha...I know I'm not alone here right? :-P ).  Then on the day of our shoot -- it rained.  BOO!  But never fear... a miracle happened. It stopped.  Yep....seconds before we began clicking... and all was right with the world (and our shoot).  Umbrellas in hand we headed outside and by some lovely turn of fate... we did not need them at all.   Whoohoo!!!

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Tips for Planning a Successful Family Portraits Session

Fall Outdoor Family Portraits near barn_Issaquah WA_0170.jpgFall Outdoor Family Portraits near barn_Issaquah WA_0175.jpg Fall Outdoor Family Portraits near barn_Issaquah WA_0172.jpg Fall Outdoor Family Portraits near barn_Issaquah WA_0173.jpg

If you are like me, when you are looking for tips for making great family portraits you find visuals extremely helpful.  Matter of fact, the more the better I say, SO -- meet the Shribers!

This is what can happen AFTER your crew of four young sons has jumped off rocks, played swords with tree branches and almost fallen in the water 12 times... family portraits magic! There is no faking a great time with a family of six... you are ACTUALLY creating an awesome family portrait experience or you are NOT getting the shots.  I know that this likely seems obvious but in point of fact, we are always really thoughtful about how and why we put our family sessions together.  One size does not fit all and customizing the experience is key.  I met with Mom Katelyn in advance of her session and  determined very quickly that an interactive, outdoor shoot was our best option.  It's really important to me that parents get to have as much fun as the kiddos.  A lot of Mom's tell me that they are always behind the camera, never in the pictures and the last time they were photographed with their spouse professionally was the day they said "I do."  What??? Well that will not work at all.  Our babes need to see their parents being cute together - photographic evidence that Mom & Dad still like each other! (hah!)

Okay... so now I'm on a roll and I might as well mention that identifying  your family dynamic, the stage, the personality and the style of who you are as a group is a great first step in planning your fabulous family experience.  (If you are shooting at Studio B... we do this for you. If you are reading this from some faraway/not Seattle place, just pick an experienced portrait photographer and they will help you too) We want to know your concerns... you likely will be thrilled to hear what great posing and pretty lighting can do ;-)  Family members that don't like each other, baby weight that you have been carrying for 12 years, need I go on? Trust me, we have heard quite a variety and since this is what we do -- just know you are in good hands!

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Outdoors in Fall |Eastern Family Portraits | Issaquah Family Photographer

Fall family portraits ouside in Issaquah_Studio B_0167.jpgFall family portraits ouside in Issaquah_Studio B_0166.jpg Meet the Eastern Family!... Or I should say -- "Wouldn't you totally like to meet the Eastern Family?" Dad David and Mom Deena are my kind of people -- smart, funny, quick to laugh) I was first introduced to David Eastern when I photographed his professional headshots and then counted myself super lucky to spend an afternoon playing pictures with the entire crew for their outdoor family shoot.  (It's so incredibly obvious how much these two adore one another)  I say it all of the time, but these sessions are special for a couple of reasons -- YES, obviously...great moments are captured but more importantly -- great memories are made.  Not to be all sentimental (but it's Sunday so I will go ahead) -- how many times as a family do you have everyone "fully present"... no cell phones, no distractions? -- just unabashed quality time....nice.

Modern Vintage Senior Pictures | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Fashion inspired senior pictures of brunette girl in geometric skirt and jean jacket_0159.jpgFashion inspired senior pictures of brunette girl in geometric skirt and jean jacket_0160.jpg

Issaquah High School's Claire has a style that is reminiscent of a bygone era but it's her modern twist that makes her look so fresh.  This senior's red lip, soft curls and blouse definitely have us thinking Marilyn but her clever pairing of a denim jacket, suede booty and geometric skirt are totally 2016.  L-O-V-E!  If you are looking for more senior girl inspiration... we've been slightly Pinterest obsessed this season so be sure to check out our Pinterest Board for Senior Girls.

Magazine Cover Shoot | Above The Lake - The Carr Family

Outdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs Outdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs by Studio B_0138.jpg Outdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs by Studio B_0139.jpg Outdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs by Studio B_0141.jpgOutdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs by Studio B

So... I don't want to over-sell this, but -- The Carr Family is the best family ever! (cue the fireworks,  rainbows and ticker tape parade) :D No seriously... this was such a fun shoot -- and I'm even factoring in the part where I almost got flattened by their extremely enthusiastic puppy AND... Dad Chris playing a practical joke that literally left me speechless.

So the backstory... I met the Carr's at their beautiful Lake Sammamish home to photograph them for the cover of Above The Lake Magazine.  It's a gorgeous day like only Seattle can deliver.  To my delight... everyone is not only ready for their close-up but so warm and inviting that I think to myself ...gosh, it's like we have been friends for years ...or even better...I would totally like to be friends... similar to how we all feel every time we see Taylor Swift bring her favorite celeb BFF's on stage during her concert and secretly wish it was us (Am I alone here? Don't judge me :D ) Anyway - we're mid way through the photo shoot and Dad Chris says to me: "Hey, do you remember photographing me in Los Angeles many years ago" -- My mind races...I'm could I have forgotten this man? Admittedly -- I've done like a b-gillion photo shoots... but this is a great guy. Maybe the birth of my three kiddos really did rob me of all of my good brain cells)  That stream of consciousness happens in a rapid-fire one-two punch but I'm determined to rally.  Over the course of the next hour... it's a cat and mouse game of Chris walking me down memory lane... and me careening off into a semi truck of "I've got nothing-ness" (but all of that happens...just in my head) -- He mentions the Santa Monica location, the companies he worked for... it's all there, what is wrong with me??? And now as we close out the shoot -- I'm forced to admit... I'm a terrible person that somehow managed to forget this amazing human being ... to which he says with a huge grin "Just kidding, we've NEVER MET -- my daughter told me that you worked down there and I thought I'd have some fun with you."  --huh? what? -- OH-MY-GOSH.  (Maybe I should have been a little salty... but nope, I'm not embarrassed to share with you that I felt the most overwhelming sense of relief to know that I'm NOT crazy, my memory is actually still relatively intact) AND then my next, I still want to be friends with the entire lovely family!!!  (Alright, maybe I'm a little crazy ;-) ... but the Carr's are awesome so be sure to check out the feature on them in the new Above The Lake. )

Want to see more of our family shoots or get inspiration for your own?  Here's a quick to our recent family blog posts and another one to our Family Portfolio.  If you are wanting to schedule a session for your own family session, CONTACT us for the remaining Fall dates.

Fall Family Portraits on Location | The Kemmerer's, Issaquah, WA Photographer

Great Outdoor Family Portraits in Fall_Studio B Portraits_0277.jpgGreat Outdoor Family Portraits in Fall_Studio B Portraits_0279.jpgGreat Outdoor Family Portraits in Fall_Studio B Portraits_0278.jpg

You'd think with all of these gorgeous Fall Portraits that I'd be talking to you about the amazing color and sunshine that graced us on this rainy day but NO -- I'm going to sit here and rave about the Kemmerer Family.  I simply love them. Not your regular run-of-the-mill feelings of affection...but the "maybe you could adopt me and I could be a part of your family" type of adoration. :D  The morning of our shoot was just buckets of Seattle rain so imagine how excited we were to see the skies clear and the sun begin to shine for us.  To be fair...nobody was more excited than Sherman (the dog) for getting outside and it was his enthusiasm in the black & white shot above that had us all cracking up.  (Yep...he rolled, and rolled and rolled with joy until Andrew stepped in and got him camera ready for this portrait here)

Want to see more of our Fall Family Portraits (and studio too)...check out some of our favorites in our Family Portfolio  Ready to Schedule your family portraits - Contact Us

HIGH SCHOOL MODELS WANTED - Class of 2014 | Feature Story with Morgan-Mount Si High School

Studio-B-Portraits_High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model-Team-_Morgan-Mount-Si It’s time for the second installment of our Senior Model Interview Series where we talked to some of our very favorite high school models from last years team to get their behind the scenes POV on their experience as a Studio B Portraits top model. This feature we're highlighting the gorgeous Morgan!  If she's looking a bit familiar, it probably because you've seen her splashed across the front of our main Studio B website for the past year -- I absolutely adored this image of her because it fully captured and communicated the "You on Your Best Day" philosophy for every session I shoot here at Studio B..  And since we are currently casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors) be sure to request an application at Studio B Seniors if you are (or know) and awesome gal or guy that would make a great model for Studio B Portraits!  CLICK HERE to apply online.

NAME: Morgan SCHOOL: Mount Si High School My style right now is… Does warm count...? :) Lovely Washington throws all kinds of weather at us this time of year, I've had fun playing with scarves and BIG SWEATERS. They are my current obsession. Jeans and boots are easy for the winter and being such a bargain shopper.. I like that I can find them for good deals once I start looking around.

Favorite retailer ... Forever 21! I got a lot of my new clothes for my Senior Pictures here and since it isn't too pricey, it makes it reasonable for a high school student! Plus, the new store in Bellevue Square makes a trip much more reasonable than driving to Southcenter, and the store is so big there's usually not a problem finding what I'm looking for!

So “Right Now”…. Like I said, I have a growing number of sweaters... The fall/winter is my favorite season to dress for because adding layers creates both warmth and cute outfits! Plus, it's easy! Jeans, boots, and sweaters and off to school :)

My favorite color(s) is… Blues/Purples, but I loved how my patterned outfits looked on camera! My favorite Studio B Model moment was… Trying to capture my student athletic trainer photographs... Having Brooke and Erin throw a football at my face while trying to keep my eyes open and not create tears from laughing so hard was nearly impossible. Who knew those "in action" shots weren't as easy as they look in magazines... But it was so much fun! I always felt comfortable, never awkward or tense when I was being photographed at Studio B because it was things like this that made the experience exciting and personable.

Describe your best Studio B photo (or outfit)... I have so many photos I like this question is nearly impossible.... BUT! I do absolutely love the image we took during my first session, in my black dress with my arm up laughing. (No it was certainly not a staged fake "laugh for the camera" photograph) When I saw that just having a good time had produced such a great picture I was super excited. I think it really captures my personality and the REAL me, not a posed robot being positioned through a senior photo. I also liked the outfit with my bright yellow pants! It was POURING DOWN RAIN outside, but somehow it ended up creating great lighting, plus the umbrella showed off just how unpredictable Washington weather can be!

Anything else you’d like to share ….  Studio B made the senior photo experience a comfortable and exciting one. I was glad when I saw my pictures that they captured my personality and my style so perfectly. I would recommend anyone goes there, not only for the amazing photography, but because the people are just as great!!

Super Cute Outdoor Family Portraits | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Awesome-outdoor-family-pictures-of-couple-kissing-with-baby-at-Studio-B-Portraits-BellevueCute-outdoor-family-picture-of-Kirkland-Mom-and-Dad-with-baby-at-Studio-B-Portraits Meet the Atkins Family!  When we first scheduled this photo shoot, Mom's hope was that we would have an opportunity to shoot outside.  Seattle weather in December? Sketchy at best.  But let's just say, both of us dared to dream and Issaquah totally delivered!  It was cold...but outside we trekked and got these super cute family portraits.  You know what is always funny to me?  The grown-up felt every bit of the nip in the air...Our young 14 month old toddler?  All smiles, not phased a bit!

Best Family Pictures in Bellevue | Twin Boys with Mom & Dad | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Twin-boys-playing-on-the-couch-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahGreat-family-portraits-in-Seattle-of-cute-couple-and-their-kids-at-Studio-B-PortraitsCute-baby-boy-in-Santa-Hat-during-holiday-family-pictures-at-Studio-BFun-family-pictures-of-twin-boys-with-Mom-and-Dad-at-Studio-B-near-Bellevue Meet the Parsons Family! are seeing double...adorable twin boys with as much energy as you would guess.  Here's what I can now confirm...if you can catch'em, you can click'em. :-)  And a hardy good luck to all of the grown-ups in making that happen!  (There were a total of four grown-ups by the if you're doing the math, you would likely have thought we were doing way better than just man-on-man coverage...sadly, not so much heehee)  This family portrait above is one of my very favorites this holiday season -- so whimsical and fun.