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Doesn't every Mom want her son to be cross-eyed in the family portrait? | Holiday Fun at Studio B in Issaquah

Modern-family-portraits-that-are-casual-and-artistic-in-jeansFamily-being-funny-during-studio-portraitsChildrens-portrait-of-boy-with-gorgeous-eyes-and-dimpleChildrens-portraits-of-boys-with-beautiful-eyes Here's the backstory...originally the Berche Family had hoped to be going outside for a outdoor lifestyle shoot but Seattle got all cliche and it poured buckets on the day of the shoot (we're talking side-ways rain and almost dark by mid afternoon)  No matter, though we were going to have fun rain or shine.   So I get everyone posed with the perfect amount of snuggle and drape, I begin happily snapping away when I realize that the youngest boy Jack has been crossing his eyes for last 10 frames.  And since I know that every Mom wants to hang a cross-eyed picture of her first grader on the wall I just proceeded business as usual -- NOT.  :-)  Decided that if we couldn't beat him...we'd join him.  We did one perfect and then let the family have a fun outtake.  Also loved these soulful singles of each of the boys -- their eyes are amazing!  And of course I can't talk families without reminding everyone about our November Holiday Card K.I.S.S Event -- keep it in the studio and get your holiday cards in one easy session. Details here.