Love You Fur-ever | Bellevue Pet Photographer

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So true story, when I first started dating my husband Glenn, I had a cat.  When it was pretty clear that things might get serious between us and we would be living together-- he said

Future Husband: "I'm really allergic to your cat Chia and while  I'd HATE to see her go..."

ME: " I'm going to stop you right there...she's family."

15 Years later -- we are ALL still happily living together. (and ironically, he is no longer allergic to our cat -- he puffs up around every other cat -- but not our kitty :D )  So many lessons here.  Miracles of evolution, power of love -- pick your favorite, but the net result is -- we pet owners love our animals... A LOT.  So you can just imagine my excitement when Erin (Studio B's brains of the operation) told me that she was adopting a new baby.  Baby Shiba Inu that is.  Meet Pippin.  We are all "Fur-Ever" in Love.