Pinterest worthy family portraits. The 2 Essential elements and one bonus Tip

Have you always dreamed of a Pinterest-worthy family portrait but wondered how to make the magic happen for your own family? There are really only 2 essential elements for the photo shoot of your dreams and believe it or not... renting perfectly behaved children and a camera loving husband are not on the list! Matter of fact -- the most important piece just begins with you and your desire to make it happen.

Studio B Portraits formal family pictures photogreaphed at University of Washington in front of castle mansion

1. Set a date and stick to it. This one sounds simple but really -- Put the time on everyone's busy calendar well in advance.  If the holidays are when your family comes together or you just love Fall leaves -- lock it down and begin planning. 

2.  Communicate with your photographer and collaborate together.  If your spouse is not into playing pictures with you (cue the shock and awe) there really is no need to worry.  You can be rest assured that your photographer is super excited to plan and brainstorm with you.  Everything from locations to wardrobe, color palette to props are a really great time for the person behind the camera.

Studio B Portraits formal family pictures photogreaphed at University of Washington

BONUS TIp: On the day of your shoot be sure to tell your family how important this is to you.  This is the occasion to really turn on the water-works and milk it for everything that it's worth. I'm kidding. (A simple well placed bribe will suffice - heehee)

Studio B Portraits formal family pictures photogreaphed on steps at University of Washington

Big thank you to the Heck Family for another fabulous experience working together on this portrait session. This formal family picture inspired by Paris, with blush, lace and bow tie perfection draped in front of a magnificent castle is already one of our favorites of all time. 

For more family pictures inspiration or to schedule your own session visit our Family website.

Bow down to Boho! Senior style inspiration for the sophisticated senior.

Ruffles, lace and bows took a decidedly sophisticated turn when Mount Si High School Morgan arrived for her Summer senior pictures session. 

The Class of 2018 beauty brought a sweetness to her modern boho ensembles that just had us swooning..

We posted another favorite on our Facebook page, be sure to check it out and for more senior pictures style follow us on Instagram and be sure to take a spin through our senior gallery..

Sometimes you need to throw on a crown...

"Sometimes you need to throw on a crown and let them know who they are dealing with."  Wish I knew who to attribute this fabulous quote to - it is so perfect for introducing our shoot with Miss Washington Ty Taucher isn't it? 

Studio B Portraits photography of Miss Washington Ty Taucher in crown tiara

We had so much fun creating these modern pageant images for Ty. Her ability to blend sophistication and elegance with a wink of rebel is the definition of contemporary glam.

Studio B Portraits photography of Miss Washington Ty Taucher in crown tiara and black formal dress

Senior pictures inspiration for your fashion inspired dream session

It's finally your year and you know you want a fabulous senior portrait session but then that little voice in your head says "now what?"  The answer is... NOW the fun begins.  The first step is to get inspired by the things that define who you are right now. Ask yourself what you enjoy, when do you feel and look the most amazing?

To get you started, we thought you'd enjoy a spin through Brigette's fashion inspired senior pictures session. The Eastside Catholic senior knew that her white convertible Camaro would definitely be making a cameo.

A girl should always consider getting her glam on and Brigette rocked a red sparkle formal gown for the occasion.

Eastside Catholic High School senior in red prom dress

Don't forget the details, coordinated red nail polish and this chic hat were the perfect compliment to a beach inspired look.

High School senior girl in red top and white shorts with big hat on the beach

Lighten up! Say bye, bye to black and create a colorful layered ensemble like Brigette's Nordstrom mint colored jacket layered over white pants and a pattern top. (The cupcake from Small Cakes was a last minute ... and might I say, delicious addition)

High School senior girl eating a cupcake at Small Cakes in Issaquah

What do you want your personal branding images to communicate about you?

What do you want your personal branding images to communicate about you? I love this question because it influences creative choices including wardrobe selection, styling, posing and even expression.  In meeting real estate professional Angelina Wallent, her sophistication and beauty catch the eye but it's her warm connection and easy conversation that make her so memorable. .

Angelina chose solid fabrics, in neutral colors and paired them with statement accessories (like a pink scarf) to deliver a pop of color here and a little sparkle there (how about those gorgeous chandelier earrings!). For more personal branding images and inspiration, be sure to check out our Headshot Gallery

Cool Senior Pictures of High School Swimmer

Senior pictures are special (to state the absolute obvious) so we do a lot of preparation prior to our shoots.  I had photographed senior portraits for Izzy's brother Jacob a couple years back and now that it was her turn -- we really wanted to bring it.  Spoiler alert -- Izzy's sport is swimming (forgive's Saturday, super sunny outside and clearly I'm feeling a little silly)  The finished portrait had to showcase her strength, beauty and dedication to swimming so of course I did what every good photographer does... Googled GQ, Sports Illustrated and Vogue Magazine for inspiration.  As you probably know, they have done spectacular features with Olympic and professional athletes but when all was said and done it was Izzy herself that brought the most perfect inspiration - herself.

For more Senior Pictures inspiration be sure to check out our senior gallery at We also posted the most awesome video of Izzy here on Instagram. She is so gorgeous!

Camera Ready Hair + Make-up: Sorella Salon  Goggle: Speedo Swimsuit: Jolyn

Class of 2018 - This is Your Year! Time to book Summer Senior Pictures

We brought our Class of 2018 Brand Ambassador Model Team together for a beach chic photo shoot to kick off Summer and the Class of 2018 Senior year in style. 

The video from the fabulous shoot shows the models playing on sand and surf on one of the most beautiful Eastside evenings on Lake Sammamish.

This is your official notice that it's time to schedule your Summer Senior Pictures. The best times and dates go quickly (or course) so be sure to check out out for details, inspiration and booking!