3 Reasons why Professional Make-up is a must for your photo shoot.

Okay, awesome you have decided that this portrait session is happening (congrats by the way) And now you are asking yourself - should I add camera ready make-up? In short, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!  And here is why.

1. Your portrait session is not only a luxury experience but also a lasting document of this time. Whether you are photographing senior pictures, family portraits or head shots, these images are going to be with you for many, many years.

2. Styling professionals are professionals for a reason -- their access to tools, techniques and products combined with their education and skill are the reason that models in magazines look like...well...models in magazines :-)

3. It's important to note that a "street face"...how we apply our make-up each day...is quite different than a "camera-ready" face where special attention is given to prepping your skin for studio lights and high definition camera lenses.  I love the pop to the eyes, lashes and brows that only a pro make-up artist can achieve -- it's just gorgeous.

Professional make-up for photo shoots at Studio B Portraits-web2.jpg

For anyone that worries about the "overdone look" -- erase it from your brain.  This is Studio B Portraits - you on your best day!  Fresh and natural is our specialty. Your hair and makeup experience is also a collaboration between you and our stylists.  When you schedule your portrait sessions with us, we always offer this service and schedule the appointments with plenty of time before your session. (Special thank you to beautiful Brigette our Model from Eastside Catholic and our unbelievable awesome make-up artist Tiffany.)

Interested in more tips and tricks for preparing for you portrait session?  Check out our blog and be inspired!  If you have additional questions, we would love to chat with you, so give us a call!

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Meet Brand Influencer Kaitlin | Details on applying for the Class of 2019 Model Team

Kaitlin is one of our fabulous class of 2019 Brand Influencers representing Issaquah High School on our Model Team!  Before you get the chance to meet her, remember that you can apply today to be a part of our Model Team by scrolling to the bottom of this page!


This girl is bold, bright, and fun!  When she's not giving it her all at her extracurriculars, you'll find her jamming out to TSwift or AC/DC, or relaxing by indulging her love of all things CW Network. 

When asked about her style icon, she replied, "Robert Downey Jr's character Tony Stark is my style icon. I am totally into reds and golds because they look really good with my complexion and I have a deep love for lining my bottom lids in light blue eyeliner. I love to channel the confidence of the character wherever I go and inspire change the same way he does."


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425 Magazine February Issue Featuring Rose and Lily

Did you see gorgeous twins Rose and Lily in the new February issue of 425 Magazine?  These Eastside Catholic seniors rocked the spotlight with confidence, and we spent the majority of their session laughing and talking like old friends.

425 Magazine_Studio B_Family_Feb 2018 2.jpg

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Newborn Family Portraits with Formal Flair

Just when you thought the Salamanca family couldn't be any sweeter, they added baby Maverick to their numbers for a newborn family portrait with formal flair!  Welcome to the world, little love!


We have been photographing this family since Jennifer's maternity photos with baby number one (has it already been six years?!).   And to say that it has been our privilege would be an understatement!  Just look at the love they clearly have for one another and I think you'll see why.


Kudos to Jennifer for the sophisticated styling!  We are in love with how each person's wardrobe is unique yet fits together nicely.  Remember, coordinating does not have to mean that each person be in the same color or pattern!  For example, the girls' dresses are different complimentary tones of blush and gray, but their similar texture makes them look like they were made to be photographed together.  The darker colors of John, Jennifer, and Maverick's outfits provide simple anchor points so that your eye is not distracted by conflicting colors.  Each person is unique, but the family look is cohesive!


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Red Riding Hood Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

So my 11 year old daughter walks in wearing her Dad’s USC t-shirt wrapped around her head this past Sunday and I must admit... I was intrigued. “What are you doing there Ryann?” I say. “Um... trying to figure out how to turn Wesley (her 5 year old brother) into a Wolf” she replies with a smile.”

Little Red Riding Hood Valentines Day Card of 11 year old girl with wolf_web.jpg

And just like that, box checked on my girl's Valentines Day cards!

Suit Game Strong - Senior Guy Style Done Right

Let's not underestimate the power of a well-fitted suit!  Prescott brought a sophisticated wardrobe to match his strong personality for his senior portraits, which fully convinced us that he's ready to run the world. 

Here are a few tips about wearing a suit that every guy should know:


Let dark gray or blue have a turn in the spotlight.  A black suit is classic for a reason, but alternative colors also share the same timeless quality.  We love Prescott's deep navy choice!

The shoulders of the suit jacket should wrap nicely around your shoulders.  Paying attention to the shoulder pads will save you a lot of time at the tailors!  Shoulder pads that end at your shoulders (rather than extending beyond or tugging back) will allow for a better range of motion and sleek lines during your photo session.

The quality of your shirt should match the quality of your suit.  A well-fitting shirt will also allow for your layers to be smooth, which makes for a chic appearance in photos.  Bonus tip - your sleeve cuffs should be visible about half an inch past your jacket.


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