Show Us Your Wall: Decorating with Family Portraits featuring the Johnsons

Full disclosure, I have zero hobbies… none (unless going to the Bellevue Square candy shop is considered a thing.) And before you mention spending time with my family and friends, let me stop you right there and say - NOPE not a hobby, does not count because what I like to do with them is take their pictures (just ask them, I’m obsessed) I’m either taking a picture or thinking about taking a picture… with a follow up of making something from the pictures (books, framed portraits, wall series… seriously it’s endless.) Luckily for my clients, my obsession is your good fortune because it’s equally awesome whether I’m doing it for you or for myself. Cut to this fabulous Show Us Your Wall share featuring the family portraits we created featuring the Johnsons.

So many smiles and snuggles for this Spring session, we just had to make this wall-worthy moment something special that they could enjoy every day. PC:

So many smiles and snuggles for this Spring session, we just had to make this wall-worthy moment something special that they could enjoy every day. PC:

We custom created + designed six framed pieces for the Johnson’s beautiful Bellevue home. A statement piece for their living room, a favorite at the front door and a four piece series for their bedroom.

Studio B Portraits_beautiful outdoor spring family photos issaquah.jpg

We are proudly full service and profoundly proud to serve. All of our wall series installations are done with our compliments. We know that these portraits will literally become the most valuable thing you own and we want the process to be stress free and joy filled for you.

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3 Steps to a Beautiful “Watch Me Grow” Family Wall Portrait Design | Seattle Portrait Studio

One of the special privileges we have here at Studio B Portraits is the opportunity to grow with our families as they add to their numbers. We have been photographing the lovely Salamanca family since Jennifer came in for maternity photos with her first baby. Fast-forward seven years, two more kiddos, and numerous Family Portrait Sessions to the present day! Our most recent project was the custom design Watch Me Grow wall in the Salamanca home, and we are in LOVE with the way it documents each stage in their family’s life.

Studio B Portraits_custom designed wall portrait series bellevue.jpg

No. 1: Measure Your Wall. One unique aspect of the wall design process is that we use simple snapshots of your actual home to customize a design that is mocked up to scale with beautiful portraits from your session. That way you can view your design options in real time during your order appointment rather than relying on your imagination to visualize your space. Follow our step by step tutorial to take snapshots of your space without hassle!

No. 2: Pick Your Prints. For those who have been collecting gift prints over the years of all your favorite moments, this is a beautiful way to display a timeline of your growth as a family. As you move through your home, you’ll literally be taking a walk down memory lane!

No. 3: Trust the Experts. From selecting your frames to match the style of your decor to personal home installations, the Studio B Team is happy to help every step of the way!

Ready to customize your wall space?

Decorating with Family Portraits: The People You Love in the Place You Love

Decorating with Family Portraits so that you can enjoy the people you love in the place you love is what we do best here at Studio B. Seeing a blank canvas come to life with a wall design that compliments your home is seriously a guilty pleasure.

Decorating your home with family photography | PC:

Decorating your home with family photography | PC:

This 7 piece series that we created for the Bean Family home turned out so beautifully. We chose a clean museum style display with a slim molding and warm neutral mat to compliment the families mid-century modern motif.

In addition to the center showpiece portrait featuring the entire family, we created modern squares highlighting Mom & Dad + each of the kids.

Studio B Portraits_beautiful wall portrait series bellevue.png

Family Photography in your home | What is your design dilemma?

Have you ever wanted to add family photography to your home but felt overwhelmed with how to do it in a chic cohesive way? We'd love to help. Let us know where you are getting stuck. If picking the right mix of images has you scratching your head or you are swimming in a sea of images with no idea what to do next… tell us your tale! Does the architecture of your home leave you wall space challenged? Send us a message and share your photography design dilemma.

Thank you to the the Hancock Family for letting us share their beautiful wall display that we designed for their home . We created two wall series from nine favorites. Each of the pieces was custom framed in a sleek slate molding and we chose two different sizes of profile to keep it fresh but maintain an overall cohesive display. The benefit later of using a similar frame style is the pieces can be rearranged into a new design with ease. Do you have a photography design dilemma that you think we could help with? Send us your questions. pc:

As a full service photography studio, our every day includes not only taking pictures, but designing albums, creating wall displays and storytelling visually in the spaces you love. The nuts and bolts of framing, installing, measuring and everything in between are right where we shine too so don’t be shy….

Did you know that Studio B can help you design a Picture Perfect Portrait Wall?

Did you know that Studio B can help you design a Picture Perfect Portrait Wall for your home?

Yes, it's true - Studio B is a full service portrait studio and this complimentary assistance is included with every photography session.

One unique feature in the customization process is that we use simple snapshots of your actual home to create your wall design.  Not only does it allow us to consider the beautiful colors and spacing of the area in which you're hoping to display your images, but we use those images to mock up what your favorite portraits from your session will look like hanging on your walls.  If you're highly visual (like us), this simplifies the process so you don't need to use your imagination to see what your images will look like; you can see it in real time during your order appointment!  And the best part? It's super simple - just 3 easy steps.

Beautiful Wall Design- How To Guide -Studio B.jpg
Studio B Portraits complimentary design service uses the power of virtual renderings to help you visualize your beautiful wall portraits in your home.

Studio B Portraits complimentary design service uses the power of virtual renderings to help you visualize your beautiful wall portraits in your home.

Our Studio B team takes joy in custom designing wall-worthy portrait displays so that you can cherish your favorite memories for a lifetime.  Not only will these portraits celebrate this current season of your lives, but they will also become heirlooms to treasure. 

Show Us Your Wall | Wallace Family Senior Pictures

Every time. Seriously, every time I get one of these messages from our clients it is like Christmas morning for me.  (I'm actually smiling at the screen right now as I write this)  I just want to say a big thank you to Mom Joyce for sharing this snapshot of the senior portraits that we created for their beautiful home.

Show Us Your Wall_Wallace Senior Pictures_quote.jpg

We photographed each of the kids during their respective senior years.  You are seeing 4 of the six pieces that we custom framed and matted.  We first photographed son Loren a couple years ago and made note of the frame, mat and sizes so that we could replicate the design for daughter Karsyn, Class of 2018.  (The 4 pieces shown | 2-24 inch) and 2 - 20 inch)

Clever Design Tip for Planning Your Next Wall Lay-out | Decorating with Photographic Art

Decorating Tip for Planning Wall Designs_Studio B Portraits Enjoying your photographic art is a big theme here at Studio B Portraits-- we want you to have fun making it and then displaying it in your home.  If I'm honest... both of those topics could be a rabbit hole of good fun on any given day but today -- I just wanted to share a fabulous post from Hunt Studio Design: Art and How to Hang It.  Their motto "that good design doesn't just happen by accident" made me smile and the clever lay-out tips and visuals are really spot on. (I have always loved the idea of putting paper cut-outs on the wall where you want to hang your art. It's such a great way to see the design before you commit. When I do it at my house -- I typically use old Christmas wrap from Costco -- I've got tons of it... and hanging it on the wall for a day or so confuses the crap out of my kids in the most awesome way)

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How to Decorate Your Home Office with Family Portraits | Contemporary Home in Bellevue, WA

Family portraits in your home office using canvas wraps by Studio B PortraitsDecorating with family wall portraits in your home office using canvas wraps by Studio B Portraits_0309.jpg

Home offices are such a big part of our daily lives and keeping our loved ones close even when we are "on the job" is a great way to remind ourselves why we are working so hard!  We recently installed this contemporary five piece series for the Hunt Family's beautiful Bellevue, Washington home.  The Giclee Gallery Canvas wraps are sleek and custom to showcase the best of each portrait yet perfectly sized to finish as a symmetrical display (Since I always get the question...the center family portrait is 30" wide).  If you'd like to see more Show Us Your Wall "Decorating with Family Portraits" posts... here's a quick link to some of my favorites. Oh and if the "Hunt Family" is looking familiar to you... it might be because we featured them in our 3 Reasons to Do Family Portraits in the Studio article. :D

How to Decorate with Family Portraits in an Elegant Home | Sammamish, WA

Decorating with canvas Family Portraits in elegant Sammamish WA home_Studio B in Issaquah_0226.jpg Our brand new "Show Us Your Wall" share features the Hanson Family. Their gorgeous Sammamish home is just a Pinterest board waiting to happen isn't it? ;-)  Mom Nancy wanted to blend her love of elegant design with the loves of her life (I can totally relate) and we decided that simplicity was the very best match for her elegant style.  The 30" Giclee Museum Canvas in the foyer is a beautiful unifying statement piece to their home highlighting the togetherness of all nine members...yes NINE.  (Can you tell I'm still in total admiration of the couple's 7 children?) but it's the 20" framed piece in their master suite that just gets me every much love & emotion in just one moment.

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