3 Steps to a Beautiful “Watch Me Grow” Family Wall Portrait Design | Seattle Portrait Studio

One of the special privileges we have here at Studio B Portraits is the opportunity to grow with our families as they add to their numbers. We have been photographing the lovely Salamanca family since Jennifer came in for maternity photos with her first baby. Fast-forward seven years, two more kiddos, and numerous Family Portrait Sessions to the present day! Our most recent project was the custom design Watch Me Grow wall in the Salamanca home, and we are in LOVE with the way it documents each stage in their family’s life.

Studio B Portraits_custom designed wall portrait series bellevue.jpg

No. 1: Measure Your Wall. One unique aspect of the wall design process is that we use simple snapshots of your actual home to customize a design that is mocked up to scale with beautiful portraits from your session. That way you can view your design options in real time during your order appointment rather than relying on your imagination to visualize your space. Follow our step by step tutorial to take snapshots of your space without hassle!

No. 2: Pick Your Prints. For those who have been collecting gift prints over the years of all your favorite moments, this is a beautiful way to display a timeline of your growth as a family. As you move through your home, you’ll literally be taking a walk down memory lane!

No. 3: Trust the Experts. From selecting your frames to match the style of your decor to personal home installations, the Studio B Team is happy to help every step of the way!

Ready to customize your wall space?