Top Three Tips for including Props in your Senior Portraits

How do you bring the heat without losing one ounce of glam for your Senior Photos? We took all kinds of pointers from miss Erika in her sassy red dress and with her mad soccer skills!

As if we weren’t already wildly impressed with the way this Eastside Catholic senior moved so beautifully in front of our camera, she took her photos to the next level by incorporating a prop that was meaningful to her. And the result was something totally chic! Keep reading to see our top takeaways from Erika’s fabulous look…

Studio B Seniors_beautiful brunette in red dress issaquah senior photos.jpg

No. 01 = Professional hair and makeup styling is a must. Your senior experience is a once in a lifetime event, so why not indulge in something a little luxurious? Our team of professional stylists are ready to bring your beauty dreams to life…whether that is a fresh, natural look or smoky eyed glam. A camera ready face is different than a street ready face, and our style experts will know just how to highlight your natural beauty!

Shout out to our makeup artist Alicia and our style partners at Sorella Salon for Erika’s gorgeous look! If professional styling is a new experience for you, don’t fret! Check out our behind the scenes makeup video to catch a glimpse into the process!

Studio B Portraits_beautiful girl in red dress bellevue senior photos.jpg

No. 02 = A pop of color is a fabulous statement! We are firm believers that the world needs more color, which is why we are in love with Erika’s red dress. Sleek and perfectly fitted, this outfit is anything but simple. If you’re looking to incorporate a splash of your favorite hue in your senior portrait experience, find a color compliment your skin tone and hair color to really create a look that will stand out from the crowd.

Studio B Portraits_senior photos with soccer ball red dress.jpg

No. 03 = Personalize your senior experience with a prop that represents something you love! We are total fans of the natural energy that came from Erika’s look when her soccer ball was brought onto the set. Not only did we get to witness her skills in action, but we now know it is possible to stay flawless while staying totally in control of a soccer ball (a feat that we would NOT be able to personally pull off, let me tell ya).

Are YOU ready to take your senior photos to the next level? Let’s do this!