3 Reasons why Professional Make-up is a must for your photo shoot.

Okay, awesome you have decided that this portrait session is happening (congrats by the way) And now you are asking yourself - should I add camera ready make-up? In short, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!  And here is why.

1. Your portrait session is not only a luxury experience but also a lasting document of this time. Whether you are photographing senior pictures, family portraits or head shots, these images are going to be with you for many, many years.

2. Styling professionals are professionals for a reason -- their access to tools, techniques and products combined with their education and skill are the reason that models in magazines look like...well...models in magazines :-)

3. It's important to note that a "street face"...how we apply our make-up each day...is quite different than a "camera-ready" face where special attention is given to prepping your skin for studio lights and high definition camera lenses.  I love the pop to the eyes, lashes and brows that only a pro make-up artist can achieve -- it's just gorgeous.

Professional make-up for photo shoots at Studio B Portraits-web2.jpg

For anyone that worries about the "overdone look" -- erase it from your brain.  This is Studio B Portraits - you on your best day!  Fresh and natural is our specialty. Your hair and makeup experience is also a collaboration between you and our stylists.  When you schedule your portrait sessions with us, we always offer this service and schedule the appointments with plenty of time before your session. (Special thank you to beautiful Brigette our Model from Eastside Catholic and our unbelievable awesome make-up artist Tiffany.)

Interested in more tips and tricks for preparing for you portrait session?  Check out our blog and be inspired!  If you have additional questions, we would love to chat with you, so give us a call!

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