Prep Tips for your Dream Family Portraits

What comes to mind when you envision the most perfect family portraits?  Aside from wanting it to be a joyful and confidence building experience for each of your family members, we know that you have a dream and we want to make that picture in your head become a treasured memory you can showcase on your wall and display in your home!

It's safe to say that most of the hard work comes before you actually stand in front of the camera.  Here our top three portrait prep tips for creating those family photos that you have been dreaming about:

1 | Style stretches from head to toe.  Now is the time to get the whole family standing in front of the full length mirror and focus on all of the little details that will add a polished look to your wardrobe styling.  Fellas, this can mean including your favorite watch or coordinating the right socks with your shoes.  Ladies, consider painting your nails or popping in with your favorite jewelry pieces.

Artist Choice_McNees_9183.jpg

2 | Don't underestimate the power of camera ready hair and makeup.  Every day beauty styling does not read the same way on camera as it does to our eyes.  We rave about our style partners not just because they are fabulous and fun, but they work magic in the world of photo shoot prep!  By factoring time with our hair and makeup artists into your shoot day, not only will you look like a million bucks, but you'll feel relaxed and ready to work it for the camera!

Studio B Portraits best family pictures Seattle near Bellevue of girls in red flannel_0093.jpg

3 | Collaboration is key.  You've been dreaming about the perfect portraits, and our photography team is excited to be included in your journey!  Sending us snapshots of each person's wardrobe and communicating your vision is essential for allowing us to design a photo shoot that allows your dreams to become a reality.


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