Family Photography in your home | What is your design dilemma?

Have you ever wanted to add family photography to your home but felt overwhelmed with how to do it in a chic cohesive way? We'd love to help. Let us know where you are getting stuck. If picking the right mix of images has you scratching your head or you are swimming in a sea of images with no idea what to do next… tell us your tale! Does the architecture of your home leave you wall space challenged? Send us a message and share your photography design dilemma.

Thank you to the the Hancock Family for letting us share their beautiful wall display that we designed for their home . We created two wall series from nine favorites. Each of the pieces was custom framed in a sleek slate molding and we chose two different sizes of profile to keep it fresh but maintain an overall cohesive display. The benefit later of using a similar frame style is the pieces can be rearranged into a new design with ease. Do you have a photography design dilemma that you think we could help with? Send us your questions. pc:

As a full service photography studio, our every day includes not only taking pictures, but designing albums, creating wall displays and storytelling visually in the spaces you love. The nuts and bolts of framing, installing, measuring and everything in between are right where we shine too so don’t be shy….