This girl always makes me smile | Owner, Chic Ink-Heather Hildebrant | Issaquah WA

Best headshot in Bellevue_Chic Ink Owner Heather HildebrantChic Ink Owner Heather is literally one of my very favorite people to have in front of the camera...and actually to spend time in the most general sense :-)  This day we were refreshing her headshot for her company's 2016 marketing and branding (They design the most delicious hand made invitations and paper creations for weddings and special events and if you don't know them should ;-) ) I have photographed her so many times...and you want to know why she is cracking herself up here on the right?  I told her that I was setting up the lighting...not doing real images yet (a very common thing for me to share with people when they are on set btw.)  She cut a look over to my assistant off set and said "I know her trick...she is actually taking real pictures, I'm on to her!" -- Um...and she was right of course -- because when she threw her head back and started laughing... this was one of my favorite shots!

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