Dancing Dentist...Behind the Scenes Outtakes of our Professional Headshot Shoot

Da Vinci Dental Dr. Keller outtakes and behind the scenes at Studio B_0276.jpgIf ever two guys deserved to go viral -- it's this awesome duo - brothers Dr. Andrew Keller and Dr. Beau Keller from Da Vinci Dental in Bellevue. I already knew their offices were high tech and impressive but I have to tell you the big bonus was their dance floor moves. The live video is posted on our Instagram here and it was such a added bonus to what was already such a fabulous headshot portfolio session with these dashing doctors.

Before they were leaving...I knew we had these amazing outtakes and I asked permission to show them...to which they answered immediately "YES, no problem!" The thing that is so cool about Dr. Keller (x2) is that they fully understand that patients choose them for who they are as people and letting their personality shine through is paramount to building their successful family business.