Using color and patterns to make your headshot photograph memorable

Using color and patterns to make your headshot photo memorable

Using color and patterns to make your headshot photograph memorable

Portfolio Headshots for business profiles on Linked-In, online dating, marketing, websites, and advertising needs are the reason people come to Studio B for their photography but never in the last 10 years has anybody ever asked that we make them "forgettable." Taller with more hair...yes! Younger? Yep. Thinner? Sure,   But never "forgettable."

In a busy, over stimulated world... at our core, feeling special is still -- pretty fricken awesome. Black may be basic, but the "wow factor" of bold color and clever pattern is memorable.  And let's be honest, wouldn't we all rather hear "Whoa, you look amazing!" far more than "My aren't you a vision of just-alright today?" :-)  So I'm being a little silly but I believe you understand where I'm going here.

I wanted to do this quick post to point out that making your headshot memorable is as easy as incorporating pops of unexpected hues and mixing in design that add visual interests and leave a lasting impression.

Fun fact #1: In a Career Builder survey of nearly 3000 hiring managers they interviewed associated the colors Green, Yellow, Orange & Purple with creativity.  Blue was associated with being a team player and red with power.  

Using color and patterns to make your headshot photograph memorable does not have to be intimidating.  Our client Lisa (above) is just a vision of vibrant shades and geometric design done right.  She credits her stylist Angie Cox at You Look Fab for these pulled together looks that we shot for her recent Portfolio Session but you don't need to be a styling pro to do color right. You just need confidence to go for it and try!

Simple Ideas to Get you Started with wearing color and pattern on Camera:

  • Learn the Rules and When to Break Them.  A Guide to Coordinating the Colors of Your Clothes (+ photo examples) and 4 Life-Changing Tip for Mixing Prints will get you started.
  •  If you're still feeling unsure, start small by utilizing accessories. For the men -- choose a button down that isn't plain and is not white (radical I know) and if you are getting dressy -- pair it with a sophisticated tie.  Nordstrom has this gorgeous Burberry Pink that we love but you can also stay in the neutrals and just jump out of your comfort zone with pattern alone.
  • For women, try a scarf or piece of jewelry with pops of colors until you are ready to go full rainbow head to toe (just kidding...unless you are going to do it ;-) - and then you should head over to Kate Spade for inspiration.