What does your expression and body language say about you?

what-does-your-expression-and-body-language-say-about-youWhat does your expression and body language say about you? When you are thinking about how you would like to present yourself in a business setting or on LinkedIn, this consideration is as important as the big time stress (er...I mean fun) of "What should I wear?"

If you are just photographing yourself from the shoulders-up (aka Headshot) your expression is going to obviously be your primary concern.  Asking yourself, "what you are trying to communicate?" or "what would I like the viewer to think when they see me?" is a great start. A quick example would be comparing a trial attorney to a real estate agent.  Naturally, you would expect their personal brands to be quite different right?  Their photos would need to be on message and appropriate for their respective professions. The trial attorney is authoritative, in charge, maybe even a little intimidating.  The real estate agent in contrast is likely aiming to be warm, engaging and maybe even seen as someone that you would like to be friendly with on a personal level.

When you need full length or 3/4 images -- hand placement, legs, feet and body angles join the conversation.  Adding to the complexity and psychology, we're also going to think about sitting versus standing, open versus closed posture. (And when I say "WE"... I actually mean "ME"... these are all things that I will chat through with our clients when we are working during a Portfolio Session)

Also part of this dialogue is a discussion around the things that you would like to emphasize or downplay (no need to deep dive on this topic right now but if you are wondering about special lighting, posing and retouching magic -- YES, just call us Houdini! heehee) because that is always important too.

A big THANK YOU to Galina Laer for allowing us to feature her here (clearly  a "do" from head to toe and every angle but most beautiful inside!) Galina is a Real Estate professional with Skyline Properties