Top three Senior Pictures tips for keeping your colors muted but your fashion game strong

Talk about being ready for your close up!  With the way Katelyn so effortlessly rocked her black on black wardrobe, you might think she stepped right off the red carpet.  This Eastlake High School senior wow’ed us with her celebrity sleek style and down to earth personality during her senior portrait session.  


Coco Chanel said it best, that “women think of all colors except the absence of color. Black has it all...It is the perfect harmony.”  We’re taking notes from Katelyn on how to keep an all black outfit from being boring! Here are our top three tips for keeping your colors muted but your fashion game strong!



1. Fabric is fundamental.  We love Katelyn’s pairing of her textured black skirt with the smooth material of her bodysuit.  One way that you can keep your blacks from appearing flat is by following her lead and mixing up your fabrics.  Don’t forget to play into the seasonally appropriate materials, such as velvet or furs in the winter and linens in the summer.


2. Be true to you.  You know what silhouettes and trends make you feel runway ready!  Katelyn looks fabulous in her open back black body suit, and her confidence shone through during her portrait session.


3. Don’t forget the details.  We love Katelyn’s delicate black choker necklace that she added on top of her outfit.  Not only did it stay true to her all black theme, but it shows that the finishing touches are just as important and the staple wardrobe pieces.

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