Senior Pictures Style | Athletic Casual for Men

So you have an athletic senior guy and you want to showcase that side of them but not go full tilt school uniform?  We've got you.  Here are three senior picture ideas that deliver a subtle sports influence into your photo shoot.

Studio B Portraits_senior pictures of guy with basketball_RoordaC_6798.jpg

Add a ball (or bat etc).  No seriously... that's really the tip.  (Not all of these are brain-busters)  If your kid is truly a die hard athlete you probably see him with some kind of gear all of the time.  Include a piece into the shot so that he can showcase his skills.

Great Senior Pictures of guy in studio wearing a henley_RoordaC_6848V.jpg

We love a Henley t-shirt and fitted denim.  The style is inspired by athletics and color blocking on the sleeves is universally flattering. Focus on fit and choose an "athletic cut" -- keep it simple and allow for all of the hard work in the gym to take center stage but don't forget to personalize.  Adding something sentimental like a bracelet or necklace can make your portrait feel special.

Studio B Seniors_guy smiling in black t-shirt_RoordaC_6722v.jpg

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