Style Spotlight | Suit Game Strong

Let's not underestimate the power of a well-fitted suit!  Prescott brought a sophisticated wardrobe to match his strong personality for his senior portraits, which fully convinced us that he's ready to run the world. 

Here are a few tips about wearing a suit that every guy should know:


Let dark gray or blue have a turn in the spotlight.  A black suit is classic for a reason, but alternative colors also share the same timeless quality.  We love Prescott's deep navy choice!

The shoulders of the suit jacket should wrap nicely around your shoulders.  Paying attention to the shoulder pads will save you a lot of time at the tailors!  Shoulder pads that end at your shoulders (rather than extending beyond or tugging back) will allow for a better range of motion and sleek lines during your photo session.

The quality of your shirt should match the quality of your suit.  A well-fitting shirt will also allow for your layers to be smooth, which makes for a chic appearance in photos.  Bonus tip - your sleeve cuffs should be visible about half an inch past your jacket.


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