The Unscripted Moments of Family Portraits

Spending time with this family is always a highlight for us! The Aslakson's brought a special kind of joy and laughter into the studio when they came in for their new family portraits.


Often the unscripted moments between the planned ones resonate the loudest with us.  Maybe it's because in that moment, everyone's guards are down and the emotion is real.  Maybe it's because the nerves of being in front of the camera have calmed (& everyone realizes that being in the spotlight is actually super fun...hehe).  Maybe it's because your kids decided it was time to pull each other's ears (as seen above with sweet Eva). Either way, we fall more in love with the moments in between the "perfect plan."


Bonus points to the Aslaksons for being such snappy dressers!  Their upscale wardrobe spoke contemporary as well as classic, which simply added a timeless quality to their wall-worthy portraits!


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