Oh Boy! Great Family Portraits with your Fellas

Oh Boy! Ready for great Family Portraits with your fellas? We are too.

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Believe it or not, your boy does not hate having his picture taken. That revelation is typically a huge surprise to Mom’s of boys as they watch their sons play in front of our cameras. Many times what we find is that what he actually dislikes is the THOUGHT of having his portrait made. There is a big difference and we’d love to help you get the memories of your son that you treasure. Here’s how…

Studio B Portraits specializes in portraits of men and boys of all ages.

Studio B Portraits specializes in portraits of men and boys of all ages.

Steps to capturing a great portrait of your son… advice from your experienced photographer.

  1. Set the portrait session appointment and keep the discussion to a bare minimum. Less words is key.

  2. Communicate how important this is for YOU when you show him what he’s wearing. The goal is to let your son know that he is giving you a gift. His portrait is not about him, it’s about you. (Heavy application of Mom guilt can be applied as necessary)

  3. On the day of the shoot, you should ignore the grumblings with a firm belief that the process will not kill them… but if he gives you too much trouble… you might.

  4. Sit back relax and enjoy the show. Be ready for the shock and awe that will hit you as your boy comes to life and dare we say it… HAS FUN.

  5. After the session, head out for lunch/dinner together. Talk about all of the silly and special moments that just made your whole day. Every time you see the portraits on your wall, you’ll be reminded of this family experience and how much he loved it (and you)

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