Senior Style Spotlight | Urban Elegance

We first met this Bishop Blanchet High School senior when she was nine years old.  It seems like just the blink of eye later and she is ready to graduate and take on the world!  Not only is Selea one of the sweetest gals you'll ever meet, she might have been born to be in front of our camera (or so we choose to believe...heehee).

This fashionista came fully prepared for her Senior Portrait Experience.  Keep reading to see our top two takeaways from her head to toe wardrobe!


TAKEAWAY #1 | A neutral color palette with plenty of texture is a guaranteed way to call out to contemporary fashion trends while also keeping it classic.  We are such a fan of the lace detail on Selea's tank, paired with the movement of her jacket and ripped style of her jeans.  Is there such a thing as timelessly trendy!?


TAKEAWAY #2 | Never underestimate the power of dressing head to toe! We love the way Selea tied in the sleek buckles of her boots with the buckle of her belt.  It's a simple call out that ties her entire outfit together!


BONUS TIP | On a note completely unrelated to fashion...don't worry about needing to create your own poses during your portrait session.  We've got you!  Your job is to rock your unique style and have fun throughout the process; our job is to capture the moments and make it easy on you to take on the spotlight!

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