SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: On Trend Street Style

Talk about a jaw-dropping, stop-and-stare, oh-so-stunning Class of 2019 beauty...miss Sami is always a delight to photograph!  You might recognize this Eastlake High senior from our Model Team Brand Influencer program, and once again she blew us away!

Best of Studio B Senior Girl Portraits.jpg

We might affectionately nickname Sami the Queen of Chic.  This gal's fashion game is always on point!  We love her black and white striped pants paired with her adorable off the shoulder on-trend crop top.

Studio B Seniors_Eastlake Senior Pictures_Pretty Sami.jpg

Let's also not forget to mention the stacked sandal making a statement this senior season - it's vying for equal billing with the oh-so-hot birkenstock (yes, the birk is back)


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