Best Senior Pictures

Dance Inspired Senior Pictures | Stem High School, Redmond WA

Best senior pictures in Bellevue of Asian girl in ballet point shoes_Studio B Portraits_0100.jpgBest senior pictures in Bellevue of Asian girl in ballet point shoes_Studio B Portraits_0101.jpg

Dance inspired senior pictures have always been a really popular theme among our senior girls but Alana from STEM High School upped the entire game with this Urban Ballerina look!  (And yes, we will be pinning the crap out of these on our Pinterest Dance Board -- enjoy haha!)

Speaking of Pinterest... here are more quick link to our "How to get dressed" Senior Inspiration Boards:  Senior Girls & Seniors Boys  and if you are ready to schedule your Summer Session, here is a quick link to our Contact Us page.



Great Senior Pictures | Holy Names Academy | Studio B Seniors

Best-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-are-at-Studio-B-Portraits-for-Studio-B-Seniors-in-Issaquah-by-Brooke-Clark Holy Names High School Senior Kennedy has one of those faces -- you know what I'm talking of those gorgeous faces that look like a celebrity....but WHICH ONE?  I hadn't even clicked a picture yet and I was already trying to figure -- I knew it had something to do with her awesome defined eyebrows (yes...that's how I roll...I'm starting with the eyebrows :-) )  Lucky for me, Kennedy helped me out -- I began by describing the actress and the movie.... "Um, you know the Snow White movie....the funny one, not the K-Stew's the gal that plays the lead..." In my babbling, Kennedy immediately says "LILLY COLLINS" and I"m like Yes!  Mystery solved. :-)  We had this gorgeous day  to shoot her senior pictures but I also fell in love with this awesome studio portrait that we posted on our Facebook page here.

Best Senior Pictures in Bellevue | Bellevue High School | Issaquah Portrait Studio


Bellevue High School Senior Hali looking every bit the Greek Goddess in her flowy white dress and Free People headband looked so effortlessly photogenic you might be surprised to hear that it was 2000 degrees -- okay, I'm totally exaggerating... but honestly it was seriously sweltering and this gal did not bat an eyelash :-)  What a trooper!  Big thank you to our Studio B make-up artist Tiffany for Hali's stunning "You On Your Best Day"  camera-ready make-up -- absolute perfection! We also added one more from Hali's senior portrait session on our Facebook page here and be sure to check our more 2013 Senior on our website.

Beautiful Skyline High School Senior Pictures featuring Abby | Issaquah WA near Sammamish

Beautiful-Skyline-High-School-Senior-Pictures-of-Abby-outdoors-on-the-waterBest-senior-pictures-on-Eastside-of-Seattle-featuring-Skyline-High-School-girl-Abby-at-Studio-B-Portraits Sometimes it takes me a minute...but it always comes to me at some point.  With Skyline High School Senior Abby, I literally clicked this shot outdoors on the right, looked up from the camera and said "you look like Britney Spears"  (That was NOT brand new information to her by the way)  What a beauty.  As you can tell, I'm having a ton of fun with the new 2012 Seniors :-)  For more High School Senior picture inspiration, be sure to check out Studio B Seniors at

Modeling has gone to the dogs with this Eastlake Sammamish Senior Picture Photo Shoot

Professional-head-shot-of-beautiful-high-school-senior-pictures-at-Studio-B-PortraitsHigh-School-Senior-Pictures-photographed-as-a-professional-model-photo-shoot-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah-featuring-Eastlake-Sammamish-teenage-girl with Great Dane dogModel-fashion-picture-of-Eastlake-High-School-beautiful-girl-laughing-as-she-is-pulled-by-a-great-dane Seriously!  It flipp'in DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER for me than an awesome senior photo shoot complete with a gorgeous model in Eastlake Sammamish Class of 2012 Srisa and the most random prop of all time -- yep, a Great Dane.   With the senior picture shots that I'm showing you, it's unfortunate that you cannot really take in just how huge this "puppy" is in real life.  The best indication is that he is most literally dragging Srisa through this meadow.  Ready for random notion #2?  It's not even her dog...or mine for that matter.  Here we were shooting in the meadow when we see the owner walking this oh-so-good-natured dog.  I knew I had to act I went for it "Um, can we photograph your dog :-) "  The owner was so gracious and awesome to let us get these shots -- they remind me of something we'd see in Vanity Fair or Vogue featuring Hollywood's hottest starlet!  Too Fun!  I have to give big kudos to Srisa for making all of this look so crazy photogenic...the umbrella, the dress, the heels and 175 pounds of dog are quite the handful.  Thanks to Sorella again for the gorgeous hair styling! We added one more shot on Facebook too

Issaquah High School Senior Pictures Model Student: Madison | Studio B Portraits near Bellevue WA

I couldn't wait to introduce another one of our 2012 Studio B Seniors Model Students.  Meet Madison from Issaquah High School.  I literally clicked the frame on the left above, stopped, looked at her and said "Um, you look like Angelina Jolie...have you heard that before?"  (Only like a million times I'm guessing :-) )   Madison arrived at Studio B with her personal stylist (Mom) and the most fabulous arm-load of clothes for us to pick and choose from -- so fun.  And can I just say -- the nicest girl you would ever meet and since she was referred by another one of my most favorite IHS gals...I shouldn't be surprised (thanks Sam).