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Professional headshots for business and online networking If you are looking and thinking to yourself  -- "Sharp!" -- us too.  We met Tong to photograph his business headshot and it took us like 4.2 seconds to realize that this guy is much more than just extremely well dressed. The PHD, Beijing born, marketing professional is also personable, engaging and charismatic -- it was important that his photography communicate all of that without ever saying a word. What does your professional headshot say about you?  Or better yet... what would you WANT your look to say about you?  These are the first two questions we think you should ask and answer when selecting your wardobe for Business headshots.

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Tips for great professional business headshots outdoors | Issaquah Head shot Photographer

Best-professional-business-headshots-in-Seattle-of-blonde-woman-smiling-in-cream-sweater-and-black-pants_Studio-B-Portraits-Issaquah For a lot of professionals, updating your business headshot can seem intimidating.  If this sounds like you  -- consider taking your business headshot outdoors. Whether you are branding yourself on Linked-in, looking for your next opportunity or just keeping your look current  bypassing the  studio lights and backdrops may be the perfect answer to capturing a great headshot.   For Heather (who is actually a complete natural in front of the camera), we started inside the studio and then jumped outside to give her a bit of variety to the overall shoot.  As a Loan Officer she has the flexibility in her industry that both types of looks would be completely appropriate.  Whatever your reason for heading are a couple of tips to get you started. First: Dress head to toe & accessorize: Even though it's a "head shot"...presenting yourself in a fully finished outfit will give you confidence in front of the camera. Second: Go for the Easy Win:  Select colors and fits that you know that you look good dramatic hair changes, color experiments or make-up shenanigans on the day of your shoot :-) Third:  Don't be put off by extreme weather: Raining, overcast or crazy sunny?  No worries. Barring a're working with a professional photographer that can accommodate for all types of weather patterns.  And actually, open shade on a sunny day (like Heather here) is super pretty lighting...we can get the same type of results with a typical Seattle cloudy day.

Professional Headshots for Actors| Studio B Head Shots in Issaquah

Studio B Portraits_business headshots_0065.jpg Studio B Portraits_business head shots by Brooke Clark for Studio B Headshots

Photographing actors like Angela is always such a joy for me because we get to role play and try on new characters as part of the process.  If you think about totally makes sense that auditioning for different parts requires a different look and feel for the finished headshot -- villain on CSI versus... toothpaste commercial - very unique looks! Of course this shot on the bottom left is my personal favorite :-)