Two things to ask yourself to make a killer first impression

Have you ever played the "First Impressions Game"?  You know, the one where you get to proudly say your intuition was spot on or where you have to sheepishly admit you were wrong about someone.  (It's okay, you can admit you've been the person in the second category - no judgment zone! hehe)

In today's internet saturated world, it is likely that your first impression happens when someone visits your LinkedIn profile, checks out your Facebook page, finds you on Match or just enthusiastically swipes right, which makes the power of your professional headshot even more important than ever.

Keep reading for TWO THINGS TO ASK YOURSELF when preparing for your Portfolio Session that will help you make a killer first impression, land your dream job, and have your friends rave about your new profile picture on social media (all in a day's work).

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No. 01 = "What do I want my audience to know about me from my portrait?"  This is one of the first questions we will ask you when you come into the Studio.  It dives into the realm of who are you and what do you want others to believe about you.  Answering this not only gives you a direction for the photo session, but it also allows us to create portrait sets that reflect your goal.  For example, Branden was going for the Dos Equis look for his portfolio session - intriguing and approachable.  He definitely nailed the "most interesting man in the world" vibe!

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No. 02 = Someone witty and wise once said to "dress how you want to be addressed."  Thinking about this immediately after question #1 lets you line up your wardrobe with your goals for your portrait session.  We love the way Branden brought two variations of suits and rocked them with confidence.  (Also shout out to a good custom tailored suit piece!)  Another good move on Branden's part was to incorporate a casual look in addition to his professional attire; this showcased his more everyday, lifestyle side of who he is, which simply gave him more variety in imagery.

Photo Credit: Studio B Portraits  A casual "best version of you" is a great option for Facebook profiles, online dating and of course  Instagram !

Photo Credit: Studio B Portraits

A casual "best version of you" is a great option for Facebook profiles, online dating and of course Instagram!

Interaction often begins long before we get to shake hands in real life, and so the value of having professional yet personable portraits of yourself cannot be underestimated!

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