Senior Pictures Style Inspiration | White Lace and Denim

Today's senior pictures style inspiration features Teva from Juanita High School Her sweet white lace dress has a beautiful simplicity that I would love to talk with you about but as I look at this first stunning portrait of her, I keep hearing the song from the play/movie Annie ..."You're never fully dressed without a smile"  (Heehee... her joy is literally the best accessory ever!)

Studio B Portraits Senior pictures of pretty girl in white dress on white background_0085.jpg

Consider bringing a jacket for a quick style change, pop of color and texture. Bonus, you also have a place to put your hands for a couple of clicks!

Studio B Portraits Senior pictures of pretty girl in white dress and denim jacket_0083.jpg

Delicate bangles and a little sparkle are the perfect finishing touches aren't they?  We also shared another of our favorite outdoor portraits from Teva's senior pictures on our Instagram.  Be sure to follow us on social media for daily updates and sneak peeks!

Studio B Portraits Senior pictures of pretty girl in white dress on white background_0084.jpg

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Show Us Your Wall | Wallace Family Senior Pictures

Every time. Seriously, every time I get one of these messages from our clients it is like Christmas morning for me.  (I'm actually smiling at the screen right now as I write this)  I just want to say a big thank you to Mom Joyce for sharing this snapshot of the senior portraits that we created for their beautiful home.

Show Us Your Wall_Wallace Senior Pictures_quote.jpg

We photographed each of the kids during their respective senior years.  You are seeing 4 of the six pieces that we custom framed and matted.  We first photographed son Loren a couple years ago and made note of the frame, mat and sizes so that we could replicate the design for daughter Karsyn, Class of 2018.  (The 4 pieces shown | 2-24 inch) and 2 - 20 inch)

Autumn Embrace - beautiful fall portrait with sisters

Would you be surprised to know that on many occasions my very favorite portraits are different than the ones that my clients adore? Yep, it's true.  As the artist, quiet moments, or candid captures can communicate so much... like this Autumn embrace with sisters Sophia and Evelyn proving that a hug can say 1000 words.  These little gems are treasures.

Studio B Portraits Fall family portrait of beautiful girls hugging near a large tree_Wadlow__7255v.jpg

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Pinterest worthy family portraits. The 2 Essential elements and one bonus Tip

Have you always dreamed of a Pinterest-worthy family portrait but wondered how to make the magic happen for your own family? There are really only 2 essential elements for the photo shoot of your dreams and believe it or not... renting perfectly behaved children and a camera loving husband are not on the list! Matter of fact -- the most important piece just begins with you and your desire to make it happen.

Studio B Portraits formal family pictures photogreaphed at University of Washington in front of castle mansion

1. Set a date and stick to it. This one sounds simple but really -- Put the time on everyone's busy calendar well in advance.  If the holidays are when your family comes together or you just love Fall leaves -- lock it down and begin planning. 

2.  Communicate with your photographer and collaborate together.  If your spouse is not into playing pictures with you (cue the shock and awe) there really is no need to worry.  You can be rest assured that your photographer is super excited to plan and brainstorm with you.  Everything from locations to wardrobe, color palette to props are a really great time for the person behind the camera.

Studio B Portraits formal family pictures photogreaphed at University of Washington

BONUS TIp: On the day of your shoot be sure to tell your family how important this is to you.  This is the occasion to really turn on the water-works and milk it for everything that it's worth. I'm kidding. (A simple well placed bribe will suffice - heehee)

Studio B Portraits formal family pictures photogreaphed on steps at University of Washington

Big thank you to the Heck Family for another fabulous experience working together on this portrait session. This formal family picture inspired by Paris, with blush, lace and bow tie perfection draped in front of a magnificent castle is already one of our favorites of all time. 

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