Model Brand Ambassador Team | Final Days to Apply

We are in the final days of our application process for our new 2018 Model Brand Ambassador team and WOW... we just could not be any more excited.  These High School Juniors are bringing their A game and we can't wait to show you what we have in store.  If you have been following our Instagram and Facebook you have seen each of the models fabulous Glam on Gold videos and behind the scenes snaps but this is just the beginning because there is so much more to come! 

We invite you to follow us and the models on social for all of the latest in senior pictures fashion, trends and style.  And for any current high school juniors interested in applying for the team, be sure to click here and request your application.

Before we go... how awesome is Bellevue High School Sydni here? We love her sass and flair... her personality just shines! Shout out to our style partner Sorella Salon for her gorgeous camera ready hair and make-up.


Get your personal brand right... a message from the CEO

I recently attended a networking event and the VP of Sales shared the following story. Her boss addressed the audience at their Fortune 500 company all-hands sales meeting. At the top of the presentation he featured photos of many key sales, marketing and leadership on the organization chart. Several of them had "stars" beside their images. Naturally everyone in the audience was curious to know what the "star" designation might mean. Promotion? Bonus? Special award? Nope. This was the CEO's ice breaker (using humor) to point out all of the bad photos. The public display of outdated images, selfies and wedding snapshots was met with a lot of chuckles and then followed by a serious call to action:

Get your personal brand right because you are representing the meticulously curated professional brand of your company.

Your headshot is your digital calling card and introduction almost everywhere so simply put, update your professional image to reflect the best version of who you are today.

I have been a Professional Headshot Photographer for over 12 years. I've photographed 1000's of people of all ages, shapes, and skin shades. I've also heard nearly every reason in the book for why business executives avoid getting their professional photos taken. Most excuses boil down to confidence... or rather lack of feeling confident when faced with the prospect of being photographed. The fear is really unwarranted but if the thought of going to the portrait studio resembles the feeling you get with a pending root canal, I'm here to tell you that you are not alone and it happens at every level of the career ladder.

Here is the truth -- you don't have to be naturally confident in front of the camera, your ideal weight is not a requirement to make you look great in a picture and trust me, the person you are now is way more qualified for the job than the person that you were 7 years ago.

Additionally, if you take one thing from this article, let it be the following: it's not your responsibility to be photogenic... it's MY job as a trained professional photographer to light and pose you beautifully.

The upside of a fantastic headshot is so much better than the downside of a lousy one.

I hope this gives you inspiration and motivation to refresh your own headshot and if you enjoyed this post and would like to learn my best tips & tricks for putting your best face forward click here for more Headshot and Personal Branding related articles that I have written.

First Family Portraits for the Lung Family

Meet the Lung Family!  I adore them. Like seriously, they are so awesome and funny and wonderfully kind that I could almost forget to mention how photogenic they are... which would likely not be problematic because you can see that for yourself!  Alan and Charlene bought the babies (yes, plural... because we count fur babies as part of the family too) for their first ever family portrait and it was tutu-perfect from beginning to kissy-face end.

Models Wanted - Class of 2018 Brand Ambassadors



We are casting for our NEW elite squad of camera loving, social media savvy, fashion finding, style spotting, marketing minded High School Juniors that would love to be part of our new Studio B Model Brand Ambassador Team! This hands-on thrill ride of an opportunity will have you in front of the camera, going live on location to highlight trends, and learning real world skills while having a great time!

FUN FACT to share with your parents:Some of our favorite Studio B Brand Ambassador Alumni have gone on to fantastic internships and careers with CBS, Rachel Zoe, Nordstrom and top Seattle Modeling agencies. (And btw...we’re pretty sure it ALL started with us. Just kidding...of course we know that they were fabulous go-getters from the very beginning but we were sharp enough to spot their awesome-ness here first!)

We are currently accepting applications for our NEW 2018 Studio B Seniors Model Brand Ambassador Team now.  If you are (or know) a High School Junior, Class of 2018 student that would be smiling at the screen right now in anticipation of being the face of Studio B Seniors...keep reading! Our favorite models come from all different backgrounds and interests from DECA to sports, theater to music but the one thing that they have in common is a great attitude!


Our high profile Studio B Models represent our studio at their schools, on social media, in the community, with our brand partners and in each of our Spring + Summer Advertising Campaigns. In addition to being featured in 425 Magazine, our Model Brand Ambassadors will receive:

  • Complimentary studio Model Shoot with professional hair & make-up by Sorella Salon
  • On Location Model Team Shoot (Check out last year's shoot behind the scenes)
  • Cool "Go Live" trend spotting + reporting opportunities for social media
  • Behind the scenes access to a variety of creative industries including photography, fashion, social media and more.


  1. Like us on Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram
  2. Contact Us and put “2018 Studio B Model-Online Application” in the message box— (be sure to give us your name, your school and how you found us)  As soon as we receive your message we will send you a link to the online application.

Here's a flashback from last year's team!

And before we wrap up, we want to give a big shout out to last years team with a trip down memory lane from our styled model team shoot!

Our 3 Best "Keep It Casual" Tips for Boys Senior Pictures

Great boy senior pictures
Great boy senior pictures
senior pictures of baseball player
senior pictures of baseball player

Our 3 Best “Keep It Casual” Tips for Boys Senior Pictures Casual and comfortable - the two words that make Moms of senior boys scratch their heads when it comes to making wardrobe selections that are also picture perfect for their senior portraits.

We thought it would be helpful to give you a cheat sheet about this portrait style. (And show you 2017 Senior Gabe who got it just right!)

Focus on fit.  Make sure the sizing is on point.  A good fit goes a long way in highlighting your best features.

Press The Point: Clothing of every style looks a little more pulled together when it's wrinkle free.

Mix it Up: Vary the textures, patterns and necklines of the shirts and change up the color of the pants. Denim in blue, black or khaki will give you a lot of freedom to mix 'n match.

Oh and here's a bonus tip! Consider bringing coats, caps, sunglasses or props that can easily be put on and then taken off with ease. These additions fit with the comfortable and casual theme plus personalize the overall look.

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth"

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" Words of wisdom from fighter Mike Tyson. Might be one of my favorite quotes ever by the way and so very true on this shoot day! Our proverbial one-two punch was not to the face on the day of our Masud Family portrait however, but rather a Seattle right hook of massive rain! I know what you are thinking "What, rain? Seattle? - shocking" But hear me out... we do have some very pretty winter days that while cold.... are still dry and gorgeous. Today was not one of those days. Soooo... Plan B was put in motion... and by plan B, I really mean Studio B -- we simply did the entire shoot inside our Issaquah studio and it could not have been any more perfect. (aka warm, dry and wildly photogenic)

contemporary family portrait in studio
contemporary family portrait in studio
Issaquah portrait studio family picures of cutest family ever!
Issaquah portrait studio family picures of cutest family ever!
Great upscale family pictures in studio at Studio B Portraits
Great upscale family pictures in studio at Studio B Portraits

Shout out to Mom Mikaela for her A+ styling of all her fellas and one delicious little princess. The textures, the layering, the color coordination...just exceptional. (And inspiring for all of the Mom's looking for wardrobe ideas for their own family pictures!)