Prep Tips for your Dream Family Portraits

What comes to mind when you envision the most perfect family portraits?  Aside from wanting it to be a joyful and confidence building experience for each of your family members, we know that you have a dream and we want to make that picture in your head become a treasured memory you can showcase on your wall and display in your home!

It's safe to say that most of the hard work comes before you actually stand in front of the camera.  Here our top three portrait prep tips for creating those family photos that you have been dreaming about:

1 | Style stretches from head to toe.  Now is the time to get the whole family standing in front of the full length mirror and focus on all of the little details that will add a polished look to your wardrobe styling.  Fellas, this can mean including your favorite watch or coordinating the right socks with your shoes.  Ladies, consider painting your nails or popping in with your favorite jewelry pieces.

Artist Choice_McNees_9183.jpg

2 | Don't underestimate the power of camera ready hair and makeup.  Every day beauty styling does not read the same way on camera as it does to our eyes.  We rave about our style partners not just because they are fabulous and fun, but they work magic in the world of photo shoot prep!  By factoring time with our hair and makeup artists into your shoot day, not only will you look like a million bucks, but you'll feel relaxed and ready to work it for the camera!

Studio B Portraits best family pictures Seattle near Bellevue of girls in red flannel_0093.jpg

3 | Collaboration is key.  You've been dreaming about the perfect portraits, and our photography team is excited to be included in your journey!  Sending us snapshots of each person's wardrobe and communicating your vision is essential for allowing us to design a photo shoot that allows your dreams to become a reality.


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We all know that the weather isn't always on board with our creative vision (...typical Seattle weather mood swings...), but don't let that hold you back!  Our state of the art studio allows us to move forward with no fear of Mother Nature.  Check out the details of our exclusive Holiday  Family Portraits K.I.S.S. event special going on right now!

Family Portraits with Southern Charm

There is just something magical about the Brown family that alludes to their sweet southern charm.  Sophisticated and with camera ready styling, they showed up all smiles for their family portrait session!  To say we are still oohing and ahhing over this beautiful family would be an understatement. 

DSC_8858_4967 20x24.jpg
A bouquet of flowers is an easy way to add a well placed pop of color and feminity to your children's portraits

A bouquet of flowers is an easy way to add a well placed pop of color and feminity to your children's portraits

DSC_9213_4712 8x10.jpg

Kristin kept her family's outfits within a neutral color palette while still adding a fun splash of blue, which makes for a timeless wardrobe.  But not only are we in love with their styling ~ we just can't get enough of their cozy family dynamics!

DSC_9298_4797 ev.jpg

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425 Magazine November Edition | Fall Hair Flair

What do you get when you combine the skill of the fabulous Sorella Salon team + the charm of their stunning models + the vision of 425 Magazine?  A swoon-worthy photo shoot that has us dying to up our hairstyling game!  This was one of our favorite editorial shoots yet...take a look!


We love this opening image of Mallory's gorgeous curls, created by the lovely China.


The color and gentle curls that Erica made for Lauren are so very autumn!  And Elizabeth's styles look absolutely effortless; for those of us who like simple transitions from day to night, we thank you Rebekah!


All the heart eyes for sweet Soleil, styled by Andrea!  And we are in love with Lauren's glamorously contemporary top knot by Sydney.


Whether you have a rocking short 'do like Lia or dreamy locks like Starlyn, we know you'll be inspired as you flip through this fall edition of 425 Magazine!

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Surfside Senior Portraits

Sun’s out, surf’s up!  Who says you need to live in Maui to embrace the shaka lifestyle?!  When Blake breezed in with his surfboard and easygoing grin, we knew it was going to be a good day!


Props are a fantastic way to personalize your senior shoot!  We love seeing your personality even more on display in using props to highlight your interests and hobbies.  Whether than means bringing your musical instrument, an armful of your favorite flowers, throwing in your athletic gear, or getting to show off your snazzy car,  we’re ready for you!


Top three Senior Pictures tips for keeping your colors muted but your fashion game strong

Talk about being ready for your close up!  With the way Katelyn so effortlessly rocked her black on black wardrobe, you might think she stepped right off the red carpet.  This Eastlake High School senior wow’ed us with her celebrity sleek style and down to earth personality during her senior portrait session.  


Coco Chanel said it best, that “women think of all colors except the absence of color. Black has it all...It is the perfect harmony.”  We’re taking notes from Katelyn on how to keep an all black outfit from being boring! Here are our top three tips for keeping your colors muted but your fashion game strong!



1. Fabric is fundamental.  We love Katelyn’s pairing of her textured black skirt with the smooth material of her bodysuit.  One way that you can keep your blacks from appearing flat is by following her lead and mixing up your fabrics.  Don’t forget to play into the seasonally appropriate materials, such as velvet or furs in the winter and linens in the summer.


2. Be true to you.  You know what silhouettes and trends make you feel runway ready!  Katelyn looks fabulous in her open back black body suit, and her confidence shone through during her portrait session.


3. Don’t forget the details.  We love Katelyn’s delicate black choker necklace that she added on top of her outfit.  Not only did it stay true to her all black theme, but it shows that the finishing touches are just as important and the staple wardrobe pieces.

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Contemporary Family Portraits in Lake Union

We ventured out with the ever chic Martorano family to the Lake Union area for their Fall family portraits, and you won’t be surprised to know that they were turning heads wherever we walked.  Not only are their family dynamics so fun that you just want to adopt yourself in, but their fabulous style is the very definition of upscale casual.

Studio B Portraits Seattle family pictures near Lake Union and Amazon_0087.jpg

Below are our top 3 takeaways and what we can all learn from the Martorano family when it comes to dressing the part for urban family portraits:

Studio B Portraits Seattle family pictures near Lake Union and Amazon_0091.jpg

1) Incorporating a variety of classic solid pieces with some shout-out patterns will make for a balanced look.  This lets you sample the current trends of the season without losing the timeless nature of fashion.  This also allows for each person to have fun exploring their personal style!

Studio B Portraits Seattle family pictures of brothers near Lake Union and Amazon_0089.jpg

2) Layers are everything.  And the more texture, the better!  Nothing makes an ordinary outfit into something chic and fabulous more effortlessly than throwing on a blazer or your favorite sweater.

Studio B Portraits Seattle family pictures near Lake Union and Amazon_0090.jpg

3) “Coordinating” does not mean that everyone needs to wear the same color.  Staying within the realm of a eye-catching color palette can mean exploring the complimentary shades of the color scheme you’ve chosen. 

Studio B Portraits Seattle of cute couple laughing on stairs near Amazon_0088.jpg

For more style ideas and inspiration, here's a quick link to some of our favorite family sessions