Why I shoot "Magazine style" senior pictures.

 Do you know why I photograph magazine style senior pictures? The easy answer would be to tell you that it's because my own senior pictures experience back in the day was less than stellar (which is actually true) but more than that... it's an amazing opportunity to be carefree, creative and completely playful in a way that is usually reserved for young children. Seriously, the other day I saw a little girl about 5 wearing her tutu and tiara to the grocery store... happy as could be. You could tell that she felt REALLY good and I thought to myself -- awe c'mon, don't we all want that kind of joy? So yes, I love a little magazine style posing and Hollywood theatrics during our photoshoots and the fact that "no one does this in real life" is not going to stop us from doing it today and probably tomorrow too! Shout out to the beautiful Sarah... this Class of 2017 beauty is just beyond gorgeous and sweet in every way. She was such a good sport and didn't bat an eyelash when we asked her to climb up into those tree trunks...you know all in a days work! We posted another favorite from this look on our Instagram.Magazine style senior picturesfashion-inspired-senior-pictures-of-girl-in-maroon-dress-and-hat