Wishing you a Mythical Halloween! - Family Halloween Costume Greek Gods

Yep... here are the Clark's wishing you a Mythical Halloween! Getting to this family Halloween costume Greek Gods was touch and go I tell you. It was so much easier when my kiddos were younger (with less opinions!) Greek Gods Family Halloween Costumes featuring Brooke Clark and Family photographed at Studio B Portraits  You should have seen the long list of rejected themes that we argued about until we landed on this one (haha!)  My middle kid is always driving on anything creative so all credit goes to her for Halloween 2016. In case it's not crystal clear from our floating in the clouds rendering -- Daddy is Zeus, Mommy is Aphrodite, Oldest daughter is Medusa, Middle Daughter is  Athena and our big guy is rounding out the family as Hercules (but his day job is Iron Man)  Below... are just a handful of the ba-gillion outtakes from our shoot as well as a few of my favorite individual portraits. (I was cracking up when my husband and I were trying desperately to pose together... The fact that it looked like he was trying to stab me with his lighting bolt just fricken cracked me up.

greek-god-family-halloween-costumes_0452 Family Halloween Costume Greek Gods Medusa Hercules Athena