Baby Faces with Avery 5 months

Baby portraits of 5 month old girl in tutu_photographed by Brooke Clark at Studio BBaby Faces 5 months is SO fun and Avery is showing us why! The first year milestones for our baby girl were on full display as she smiled, rolled, and executed her perfect tummy-time moves. 

Getting Dressed Since the babes spend a great deal of time on their back and tummy. I like to recommend that we focus on skin and accessories... keeping outfits as simple as possible so that we highlight personality and expressions.  YES, there are a ton of great outfits to come, but those are best for the 8-9 month shoot where baby has mastered sitting un-assisted and pulling up to a standing position.

Favorite Photography Style Ideas for Babies (age 4-5 months)

For Girls: Tutu's, headbands, pearls

For Boys: Diaper covers, blankets, hats