baby portraits

Baby Faces with Avery 5 months

Baby portraits of 5 month old girl in tutu_photographed by Brooke Clark at Studio BBaby Faces 5 months is SO fun and Avery is showing us why! The first year milestones for our baby girl were on full display as she smiled, rolled, and executed her perfect tummy-time moves. 

Getting Dressed Since the babes spend a great deal of time on their back and tummy. I like to recommend that we focus on skin and accessories... keeping outfits as simple as possible so that we highlight personality and expressions.  YES, there are a ton of great outfits to come, but those are best for the 8-9 month shoot where baby has mastered sitting un-assisted and pulling up to a standing position.

Favorite Photography Style Ideas for Babies (age 4-5 months)

For Girls: Tutu's, headbands, pearls

For Boys: Diaper covers, blankets, hats

One Year Baby Portraits with Unicorns + Rainbows

one year portraits with big confetti balloon and cake one year portraits with unicorn one year portraits with balloons one year portraits cake smashOne year baby portraits don't get any better than unicorns, rainbows, and balloons. So much love for this sweet baby girl's first year birthday photo shoot! But weren't we just photographing her newborn portraits yesterday?... Now she is walking, laughing and cake surfing like the big girl that she is!!!

And on a complete side cute is her cake? Almost seemed like we shouldn't smash it -- it was just SO pretty and in the beginning... our birthday girl seemed to agree.  Mommy was just outside the camera's lens prompting her and sampling to get her going. (As you can see... she did come to the "cake is delicious party")

Decorating with Baby Portraits | Studio B Portrait Studio, Seattle

Decorating-with-Family-Pictures_Studio-B-Portraits_NurseryStudio-B-Portraits_best-newborn-portraits-of-boy-in-stork-sling-sleeping Guessing there is very little missing who THE most photographed baby in Seattle is these days :-)  Seriously, it's really a good thing that he's chosen to sleep through almost every one of my "fun with baby" photo shoots, because he would likely think I'm obsessed with him (and let's be honest... 'lil bit :-) )  But in this case -- as you can see above... I'm totally justified because I fully bridged the gap to two other OCD activities of mine...Pinterest and Decorating with Wall Portraits!!!  (Note to my spouse: See I am NOT crazy)  While I was pregnant and in the "I'm having a baby nesting phase" I built my Pinterest Nursery board with the idea that I did not want traditional baby boy blue. I landed on red & black and I'm toying with an aviator theme.  So far, I could not be more pleased with how the room is coming together.  I still have the opposite side walls to shoot and design as we do Wesley's "Watch Me Grow" sessions, but I feel like I'm well on my way with this first wall portrait - a 24 inch custom sized Framed Giclee Canvas.   Every time I look at it hanging in his room it makes me smile.  I have to laugh though...and I know all of you new Mom's will understand what I am about to son has yet to sleep even one night in this room.  I'm pretty sure we should call this the "diaper changing room" instead of his bedroom!


Super Cute Outdoor Family Portraits | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Awesome-outdoor-family-pictures-of-couple-kissing-with-baby-at-Studio-B-Portraits-BellevueCute-outdoor-family-picture-of-Kirkland-Mom-and-Dad-with-baby-at-Studio-B-Portraits Meet the Atkins Family!  When we first scheduled this photo shoot, Mom's hope was that we would have an opportunity to shoot outside.  Seattle weather in December? Sketchy at best.  But let's just say, both of us dared to dream and Issaquah totally delivered!  It was cold...but outside we trekked and got these super cute family portraits.  You know what is always funny to me?  The grown-up felt every bit of the nip in the air...Our young 14 month old toddler?  All smiles, not phased a bit!

Beautiful Holiday Childrens Portraits | Issaquah Portrait Studio near Bellevue WA

Sister-in-formal-Christmas-dresses-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahChildrens-Christmas-portraits-at-Studio-BStudio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah-childrens-holiday-pictures-of-sisters-in-Christmas-dresses Delicious times two! Loved photographing these sweet sisters in their beautiful Christmas dresses (gotta love children's clothing store Janie and Jack...they have the most adorable ensembles for the babes) I absolutely knew that we'd all be glitter-rific after introducing these over-sized ornaments (silver flecks EVERYWHERE)  but what's holiday spirit without a little bling?   It took about 4.2 seconds for our young 7 month baby Julia's mouth to meet this snowflake...she did it twice, so maybe it didn't taste all that bad :-)  And big sister Alexa had two different dresses...the red she told me had better "twirl" than the green.  We added another favorite from their portrait session on our website here for your viewing pleasure too. Bring on the holidays!  And speaking of holidays....don't forget get our all-inclusive K.I.S.S (Keep It Studio Special) portrait session. Details here.

Professional Baby Portraits | 9 Month Old Girl | Issaquah Portraits

Laughing-9-month-old-baby-girl-portraits-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah9-month-baby-girl-in-pearls-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquahv9-month-baby-girl-in-pink-dress-with-flower-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah Tell me you aren't smiling at the screen right now?  The outfit choices that Mom included for the shoot were so so adorable and 9 month old Alexa has that big tooth-free smile that just makes you have to give her a big grin right back!  This baby girl is right in the zone for my very favorite type of baby shoot -- LOVE the babes at 8 to 12 much personality -- YET...not a lot of "leave-the-set mobility" :-)    BIG Thanks again to our friends over at Chic Ink for the super cute  handmade Tassle Garden Pennant decorating our set featuring Alexa in her rosebud pink frock!

Watch Me Grow with Ella | Professional Baby Pictures in Issaquah


Just had to share this awesome show featuring sweet Baby Ella.  We photographed Ella three times over the course of the year beginning with her 3 month milestone and ending with her one year celebration.  The images above are the front and the back of her Watch Me Grow Announcement. Too cute!

Totally Cute Childrens Pictures | Smiling Benjamin Sisters

Smiling-sisters-at-Studio-B-Portraits-photo-shootChildren-and-baby-pictures-photographed-by-Brooke-Clark-in-IssaquahPortrait-studio-pictures-of-laughing-children-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah_5248 Want a little sunshine on a gloomy Seattle day this January? (...if you are like me, you might have forgone the sunshine in exchange for a little artificial light from Puget Sound Energy)  But since that is beyond our control ...we'll all just look no further than the Benjamin Girls!  We have been photographing Baby Ella and Big Sister Avery since both of these sweet sisters were born and just looking at these cute portraits of them playing together just makes me smile.  Mom Heidi always has the most fun clothes and I loved this coordinated pairing of happy pink and green colors with a perfect little denim accent for Ella and sassy newsy cap for Avery.

Adorable Baby Boy Portraits | If Only You Could Make them Like this at Build-A-Bear Workshop | Studio B Issaquah, WA

Adorable-baby-boy-in-a-bear-suit-photographed-at-Studio-B-PortraitsBaby-in-a-bear-hat-at-Studio-B-PortraitsBaby-in-a-monkey-hat-at-Studio-B-Portraits It's actually a good thing that you can't just pop over to Build-A-Bear and make a cutey little bear or monkey as delicious as 8 month old baby boy Cruz or I might be rivaling Brad and Angelina for my new adoptions!  He seriously makes you just want to stare doesn't he...just look at those big brown eyes and crazy long lashes!  (Go ahead, he should probably get used to the adoration now :-) )  Want more of a baby fix, be sure to check out our Baby Pictures Gallery at Studio B Portraits Family Portrait site.

Look who is celebrating one year old! | Baby Portraits in Issaquah

Baby-portrait-of-little-girl-celebrating-1-year-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahOh my goodness...look who is celebrating turning one years old! Not sure babies come any cuter than this little sweety (pun intended...I know the lollipop is as big as her head)  We have been watching Evelyn grow over the last 12 months...more if you count her pre-arrival maternity portraits of Mommy...and it's almost silly how much I always look forward to photographing her.  I think the most shocking part of this shoot was that we had a fully loaded tray of cupcakes for her to dive into for her last outfit and...NO INTEREST....lots of mess but no actual eating.  I've never seen anything like it. Maybe she was all done after this lolli...who knows, but I don't want to ruin the surprise just yet, we'll be bringing you more from her entire year of watch me grow "Baby Love Collection" portraits very soon. If you want to take a trip down memory lane with Evelyn, here's a link to her other baby picture photo shoots from this year.