How to get amazing headshots and personal branding images even when you are NOT photogenic.

Let me guess "you are not photogenic and you hate having your picture taken?" As a professional photographer, this is brand new information and I for one am shocked.  (Kidding of course. we hear this on the daily at my studio and it is with great confidence that I can tell you -- it truly does not matter because frankly, that's my job not yours. That being said, there is ONE thing that matters a lot and if you want to get amazing headshots and nail your personal branding for LinkedIn, social media and heck... even online dating - you've got to be able to answer the following question...

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What does your business headshot say about you?

What do you want people to think when they see your photo?

Yep, there literally is just one game-changing question that I need you to address honestly and thoughtfully before we begin.  "Who do you want to be in this photo?" In other words, what do you want people to think about you when they see your headshot and branding photography? Are you in sales and need to be friendly and engaging? Are you an experienced pro that desires to look contemporary or an upstart that needs to look more seasoned? (You get where I'm going with this, right?)  It's important to understand that this is about creating your desired first impression - that split-second impact that a great image creates in the viewers mind.  Answering this question authentically will then give your photography team everything we need to get you picture-perfect.

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