Want to know the secret to adding a bit of WOW-factor to your corporate marketing strategy?

Here's our #1 secret to adding a dose of WOW-factor to your corporate marketing strategy: keep your imagery curated to your personal branding with an on-location corporate session for your team!

We recently had the privilege of working with Philips in Bothell, and their team of professionals knows that staying at the top of the game means having marketing materials that are as cutting edge as the services they provide!

Studio B Portraits_Corporate Headshots_Philips_0935.jpg

Nothing will make your team's headshots stand out from the crowd quite like imagery that reflects not only their individual personalities but also the uniqueness of your workspace.  Don't take our word for it - keep scrolling to check out these contemporary headshots of the Philips team! 

Philips_Best of Studio B Portraits On Location Outdoor Headshots.jpg

Another perk of bring our Studio B team into your workspace is that we are able to offer both Corporate Headshots Sessions as well as more extensive Portfolio Sessions when your business executives are in need of variety within their imagery.  Our Portfolio Session allows for multiple outfits and a combination of portraiture and lifestyle photos, which are popularly used in business campaigns. 

  Pro tip: lifestyle shots also bonus as personalized stock photography for your marketing usage!

Pro tip: lifestyle shots also bonus as personalized stock photography for your marketing usage!

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Two things to ask yourself to make a killer first impression

Have you ever played the "First Impressions Game"?  You know, the one where you get to proudly say your intuition was spot on or where you have to sheepishly admit you were wrong about someone.  (It's okay, you can admit you've been the person in the second category - no judgment zone! hehe)

In today's internet saturated world, it is likely that your first impression happens when someone visits your LinkedIn profile, checks out your Facebook page, finds you on Match or just enthusiastically swipes right, which makes the power of your professional headshot even more important than ever.

Keep reading for TWO THINGS TO ASK YOURSELF when preparing for your Portfolio Session that will help you make a killer first impression, land your dream job, and have your friends rave about your new profile picture on social media (all in a day's work).

Yeik_handsome man in suit outdoor portraits.jpg

No. 01 = "What do I want my audience to know about me from my portrait?"  This is one of the first questions we will ask you when you come into the Studio.  It dives into the realm of who are you and what do you want others to believe about you.  Answering this not only gives you a direction for the photo session, but it also allows us to create portrait sets that reflect your goal.  For example, Branden was going for the Dos Equis look for his portfolio session - intriguing and approachable.  He definitely nailed the "most interesting man in the world" vibe!

Yeik_online dating studio portraits.jpg

No. 02 = Someone witty and wise once said to "dress how you want to be addressed."  Thinking about this immediately after question #1 lets you line up your wardrobe with your goals for your portrait session.  We love the way Branden brought two variations of suits and rocked them with confidence.  (Also shout out to a good custom tailored suit piece!)  Another good move on Branden's part was to incorporate a casual look in addition to his professional attire; this showcased his more everyday, lifestyle side of who he is, which simply gave him more variety in imagery.

 Photo Credit: Studio B Portraits  A casual "best version of you" is a great option for Facebook profiles, online dating and of course  Instagram !

Photo Credit: Studio B Portraits

A casual "best version of you" is a great option for Facebook profiles, online dating and of course Instagram!

Interaction often begins long before we get to shake hands in real life, and so the value of having professional yet personable portraits of yourself cannot be underestimated!

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Glamorous Portfolio Session for the Miss Washington USA Pageant

What do you call that irresistible quality that's a mixture of fearlessness and grace?  Whatever it is, Layla is one of those people who radiates it inside and out! This gorgeous gal is competing in the upcoming Miss Washington USA pageant, and for us, her session was nothing short of a photo experience with a real life Princess Jasmine.


Pageant photography has come a long way and Layla made a strong statement in contemporary black & white colors and a nod to lux with her chandelier earrings during her Portfolio Session here at the studio.  The dynamic simplicity of her wardrobe allows all of our attention to be captured by her million dollar smile.


Best of luck to you, Layla!  We will be cheering you on and following your journey!


To see more all time favorite glam moments here at the Studio, check out our Portfolio Session with National American Miss Washington Teen!

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Corporate Portrait Session with Fjuri | Pioneer Square, Seattle


Our cutting-edge corporate clients know the value of having contemporary imagery that matches their unique business branding.  We recently had the opportunity to work with Fjuri - a marketing consulting firm based in Pioneer Square in the heart of downtown Seattle.  It is such a privilege to work with people who value their employees' and customers' experience so highly; it truly translates to every interaction they have!


Having your professional corporate portraits taken on location in your office space is a fabulous way to capture the spirit of your business and create relevant images to be used for your website, blog, and other marketing endeavors.  We just love the personal touch that comes from shooting in your work environment!


The other awesome perk of corporate photography for our Studio B Team is meeting amazing professionals at the top of their game.  We were fortunate enough to have time with Human Resources pro Tammy Perkins and bend her ear about personal branding that we can share with you!

"As someone working in marketing and with industry professionals, I can say that your brand is who you are and what people think about you when you walk out of the room.  Present yourself in a way where you don’t appear to be a staged house!  I often see people put together their LinkedIn profiles, and I meet them in person and they are completely different.  What I would tell people is to be absolutely, 100% yourself.  Through photography, there are different ways to represent yourself in a way that is authentic.  Present yourself in away that shows your passion, your curiosity, and that’s when you’ll shine. "

- Tammy, Chief People Officer for Fjuri


Whether you're looking for formal, business casual, or lifestyle images, take a look at our headshot portfolio to be inspired!

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Love from our clients | Jenny raves about Professional Headshots

As if we weren't already charmed by Jenny when she came into the Studio to refresh her professional headshot, she wrote us the sweetest 5-Star Rave Review on Yelp!


To be inspired as you prepare for your session, visit our gallery of headshot favorites!

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How to get amazing headshots and personal branding images even when you are NOT photogenic.

Let me guess "you are not photogenic and you hate having your picture taken?" As a professional photographer, this is brand new information and I for one am shocked.  (Kidding of course. we hear this on the daily at my studio and it is with great confidence that I can tell you -- it truly does not matter because frankly, that's my job not yours. That being said, there is ONE thing that matters a lot and if you want to get amazing headshots and nail your personal branding for LinkedIn, social media and heck... even online dating - you've got to be able to answer the following question...

Studio B Portraits_Brooke Clark_Contact Page_mark-web.jpg

What does your business headshot say about you?

What do you want people to think when they see your photo?

Yep, there literally is just one game-changing question that I need you to address honestly and thoughtfully before we begin.  "Who do you want to be in this photo?" In other words, what do you want people to think about you when they see your headshot and branding photography? Are you in sales and need to be friendly and engaging? Are you an experienced pro that desires to look contemporary or an upstart that needs to look more seasoned? (You get where I'm going with this, right?)  It's important to understand that this is about creating your desired first impression - that split-second impact that a great image creates in the viewers mind.  Answering this question authentically will then give your photography team everything we need to get you picture-perfect.

For Headshot inspiration, here's a quick link to our Business Portfolio and if you'd like more tips, tricks and articles about preparing for your Headshot or Personal Branding shoot, click here.

The Power of "Thank You" | Game Changing Client Appreciation

With Professionals Week right around the corner, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite corporate clients inspiring us to be better.  We recently photographed headshots at the offices of Da Vinci Dental  in Bellevue for their annual "Smile Party" and the client appreciation event had everyone... yep, you guessed it... smiling.

From the Trophy Cupcakes to to the warm hugs and laughter, you would have thought that this was a family reunion... not a trip to the dentist.  A lot of businesses have big talk but it's clear that this family owned practice understands the power of a genuine thank you in creating a successful practice..

Da Vinci Dental patient smiling in Bellevue_Studio B Portraits.jpg

For more professional headshot inspiration, be sure to check out Studio B Headshots portfolio

Is It Time to Refresh Your Professional Headshot? | Professionals Week March 12-16


Is It Time to Refresh Your Professional Headshot? Let our team help you put your best face forward. We're celebrating business professionals everywhere during our upcoming Professionals Week - that time of the year when our Headshot Special becomes even more amazing! 

Our all-inclusive Headshot Special portrait session gives you everything you need to refresh your look and update your marketing and Linked-in profiles with your new contemporary headshot.  Your twenty minute session includes a wardrobe change, choice of studio or outdoor sets, magazine quality retouching and a digital file with unlimited reproduction rights.  Mention Studio B Portraits promo code PWS18 when you call to receive $25 off your session.

Need a little inspiration for your headshot session? Check out our video below or view our gallery of business professionals!  if you are ready to schedule CONTACT US to reserve your session now.

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3 Reasons why Professional Make-up is a must for your photo shoot.

Okay, awesome you have decided that this portrait session is happening (congrats by the way) And now you are asking yourself - should I add camera ready make-up? In short, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!  And here is why.

1. Your portrait session is not only a luxury experience but also a lasting document of this time. Whether you are photographing senior pictures, family portraits or head shots, these images are going to be with you for many, many years.

2. Styling professionals are professionals for a reason -- their access to tools, techniques and products combined with their education and skill are the reason that models in magazines look like...well...models in magazines :-)

3. It's important to note that a "street face"...how we apply our make-up each day...is quite different than a "camera-ready" face where special attention is given to prepping your skin for studio lights and high definition camera lenses.  I love the pop to the eyes, lashes and brows that only a pro make-up artist can achieve -- it's just gorgeous.

Professional make-up for photo shoots at Studio B Portraits-web2.jpg

For anyone that worries about the "overdone look" -- erase it from your brain.  This is Studio B Portraits - you on your best day!  Fresh and natural is our specialty. Your hair and makeup experience is also a collaboration between you and our stylists.  When you schedule your portrait sessions with us, we always offer this service and schedule the appointments with plenty of time before your session. (Special thank you to beautiful Brigette our Model from Eastside Catholic and our unbelievable awesome make-up artist Tiffany.)

Interested in more tips and tricks for preparing for you portrait session?  Check out our blog and be inspired!  If you have additional questions, we would love to chat with you, so give us a call!

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Love from our clients | Eric

We want to give a huge thank you to Eric for all the awesome things he had to say about his Studio B Headshot experience!  It's always a joy to work with the Martorano family, and we can't wait until next time.

"The entire experience from the preparation to the final product...I haven't been able to find that anywhere.  It's first-class.  It's unbelievably professional, and it's an unbelievable experience the whole way through." Eric Martorano, Chief Revenue Officer at Intermedia


Whether you're looking for formal, business casual, or lifestyle images, take a look at our headshot portfolio to be inspired!

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