425 Business Magazine feature on Men's Style with Godfried Addae

We had the pleasure of photographing style super star Godfried Addae for 425 Business Magazine. His advice for nailing a warm-weather business casual look for men has us running not walking to get our fellas ready for Summer days at the office.

425 Business Magazine_Mens Warm-weather business casual

During an editorial shoot, the session is very collaborative. We're just playing and trying a variety of things that will best showcase both the subject and the styling.. What can we say about Godfried? ...This gentleman is magic on camera! Loved these two shots that didn't make the printed edition and just had to share! 

425 Business Magazine_Mens Style_Godfried Addae

Headshot Advice from Apptio Human Resources Senior Vice President Britt Provost

Headshot Advice from Apptio Human Resources Senior Vice President Britt ProvostInterview with Britt Provost Senior Vice President of Human Resources | Apptio Headshot advice and insight from an actual Human Resources head-honcho? Um, YES please.  The closest I usually come is reading everything I can get on the subject.  To that end, would you be surprised to hear that a recent study reported that 90% of human resources people say they check out social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, before inviting a candidate in for an interview?  I'm going to guess that you are not actually shocked because even for those of us that are not in human resources -- we're doing our own due diligence and research for everything from sales presentations to professional networking.  It's just "Good Business 101."

If you have ever read my blog -- you know that I find this topic fascinating so when I had a chance to photograph an executive headshot session with Britt Provost, Apptio Senior Vice President of Human Resources, she and I started really discussing her professional perspective.  (Then it hits me as we are changing the lighting and the set -- this woman is absolutely brilliant - and sadly... NOT on video or with a microphone.) If you could just picture the mad scramble as we mic'd her up and started rolling... it was a little crazy-town but we did manage to get her professional opinion on the topic of headshots, executive presence  and the 3 types of pictures that should NEVER be on your LinkedIn profile.

For those that don't have three minutes to watch the video...this was one of my favorite questions & answers.

Any headshot advice for business professionals for what to avoid on your LinkedIn profile?

"If you are serious about the work you do and your profession, you should have a photo, bottom line. No party pictures, No wedding pictures, No drinking pictures. A really nice, simple professional photograph that represents who you are is best. "

Britt talked about her own professional journey and coming to the realization that

"It's not about being perfect... it's about being current"

She pointed out that a picture from 1980 is not credible and it does not send the right message.  After our photo shoot, of course my mind was racing and I was sure that some awesome person had likely written something in depth on this topic.  I found this great article from Entreprenur Magazine that shared 7 Tips to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Picture Is Helping, Not Hurting, Your Prospects - and I hope you find it helpful.

Here's a quick link to more headshot advice, tips, tricks and articles that I have written.  For samples and inspiration of professional headshots of people that are total "Do's" feel free to check out our portfolio here ;-)

Dancing Dentist...Behind the Scenes Outtakes of our Professional Headshot Shoot

Da Vinci Dental Dr. Keller outtakes and behind the scenes at Studio B_0276.jpgIf ever two guys deserved to go viral -- it's this awesome duo - brothers Dr. Andrew Keller and Dr. Beau Keller from Da Vinci Dental in Bellevue. I already knew their offices were high tech and impressive but I have to tell you the big bonus was their dance floor moves. The live video is posted on our Instagram here and it was such a added bonus to what was already such a fabulous headshot portfolio session with these dashing doctors.

Before they were leaving...I knew we had these amazing outtakes and I asked permission to show which they answered immediately "YES, no problem!" The thing that is so cool about Dr. Keller (x2) is that they fully understand that patients choose them for who they are as people and letting their personality shine through is paramount to building their successful family business.

This girl always makes me smile | Owner, Chic Ink-Heather Hildebrant | Issaquah WA

Best headshot in Bellevue_Chic Ink Owner Heather HildebrantChic Ink Owner Heather is literally one of my very favorite people to have in front of the camera...and actually to spend time in the most general sense :-)  This day we were refreshing her headshot for her company's 2016 marketing and branding (They design the most delicious hand made invitations and paper creations for weddings and special events and if you don't know them should ;-) ) I have photographed her so many times...and you want to know why she is cracking herself up here on the right?  I told her that I was setting up the lighting...not doing real images yet (a very common thing for me to share with people when they are on set btw.)  She cut a look over to my assistant off set and said "I know her trick...she is actually taking real pictures, I'm on to her!" -- Um...and she was right of course -- because when she threw her head back and started laughing... this was one of my favorite shots!

Link to Headshots

The Big Cheese (aka Amy Hanson) featured in 425 Business Magazine

Professional headshots of Seattle business woman Amy Hanson photographed by Studio B photographer Brooke Clark_0254.jpg We have awesome clients that are moving and shaking things up in Seattle's business community in super impressive ways. Whenever I get the chance to do headshots or business portfolios for these folks...I always count myself so lucky because I get to soak up all of their entrepreneurship mojo :D One of those overachievers is Amy Hanson -- seen in this months February issue of 425 Business Magazine. She hands-down has my favorite opening line to her executive bio ever. It begins...

"We call her the Head Honcho or the Big Cheese. (Okay, we don’t call her either of those things because she is super-down-to-earth" 

Heehee...I actually might call her one of those things the next time we get together! I adore her -- I mean I literally just have mad adoration for what she has built as CEO of her consulting company and for her as an all-around lovely human being (and Mom.)  :D

Sammamish Family Portraits for Pine Lake Family Dentistry

Family photo shoot in the studio with African American family for Pine Lake Family Dentistry_0249.jpgFamily photo shoot in the studio with African American family for Pine Lake Family Dentistry_0250.jpg Family photo shoot in the studio with African American family for Pine Lake Family Dentistry_0251.jpg

Once a year American Express reminds all of us to "shop local" and remember small business right? Well I wanted to give another great example of how some people are doing this all year round.  Dr. Susan Chen owns Pine Lake Family Dentistry up on the Sammamish Plateau.  She wanted to thank her favorite patients for supporting her business and incorporate these real families into her practice.    Dr. Chen gifted a family experience at Studio B Portraits to patients and one of those special families is the Vaughan's.  They are SO incredibly awesome.  I swear I didn't stop smiling the entire photo shoot.  The thing that was SO cool about the Vaughans is what they said after the shoot -- they were so incredibly appreciative for the "time together as a family" -- Mom Aimee shared that as the kids have grown and life has gotten more spread out, it's become challenging to bring everyone together and this was such a "wonderful family experience"  (That totally made my day btw.)

You'll also be seeing this lovely family on the Pine Lake Family Dentistry website soon -- but in the mean will not want to miss our super awesome behind the scenes video that we posted on our Facebook  (the music is a little George Jefferson meets Bruno Mars don't you think?)

Meet Lash Goddess Erin Risenmay | Founder of Lash Allure Photographed by Brooke Clark for Studio B Portraits

Studio B Portraits photographed business headshots for Lash Allure owner Erin Risenmay_0218.jpgCan we talk about going to great lengths to be beautiful?  No one knows that better than Lash Allure founder Erin Risenmay.  I recently photographed this sharp lady for her upcoming print advertising and it was yet another reminder for me of how many great women-owned businesses we have here on the Eastside.  The focus for this shoot was to keep all of the attention on Erin's pretty eyes... and lashes of course (hard to believe that they are extensions and not her own, right?)  I love her company's tag line by the way "Wake Up Beautiful" ...but even more, I adore her professionalism each time I pop in to get lashed (yes... I wanted to "wake up beautiful" too) and each of her employees thorough knowledge of popular reality shows-- nothing makes an hour fly by faster than talking about the most recent episode of The Bachelor  (Oh, don't judge me!) :D