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“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” —Robert Browning

We could not agree more with this sweet quote, and we believe that you deserve to be celebrated for all that you are and all that you do. Our luxury Maternity & Newborn Photography Collection is the perfect way to pamper yourself while telling your story.

Ciara for Studio B Families | Best Maternity Portrait Studio in Seattle | pc:

Ciara for Studio B Families | Best Maternity Portrait Studio in Seattle | pc:

A full circle collection that captures both the beauty of expecting and the blessing of your baby’s arrival. In addition to your Maternity and Newborn Sessions, you will enjoy custom birth announcements and a gift print from each session

Note: If you would prefer to schedule just one session to begin your introduction with our studio, please refer to our Family Sessions.

Best Maternity & Newborn Photographer Seattle | pc:

Best Maternity & Newborn Photographer Seattle | pc:

Pro Tip: Incorporating your spouse and other babies is a fun way to personalize your experience during your photo session!

Studio B Portraits_best newborn photos issaquah.jpg

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A love letter to the people of Jamaica at Beaches Resort Ocho Rios

This is a love letter to Jamaica and the amazing hospitality of the people that hosted us at Beaches Resort in Ocho Rios. Prior to our visit I knew nothing of this magical place but when the unexpected happened two days before our family vacation, we zigged when life zagged. (Link to: crane crushes cruise ship)

With just 48 hours to figure out this “first world” not really a problem, problem we decided to call in a professional. (Natalie was referred to us and I’m pretty sure she should be wearing a cape… true super hero travel agent skills - I literally will never book my own trips again. The amount of stress she took off our shoulders was next level awesome) She told us about this beautiful Jamaica resort and she had us at “all-inclusive, sun-filled days”

Studio B Portraits vacation portrait session_ Ocho Rios Beaches Jamaica_0280.jpg

From the moment we landed, we knew it was going to be amazing. You’d think it would be the tropical weather and beauty of the blue seas & skies but honestly… it is the people. As we were driving with our guide Winchester, his pride of their history and the philosophy of their culture was fascinating. I could never do it justice but let me tell you… even my kids were completely transfixed by his stories. It is clear that the island counts hospitality as their main export and they should because my goodness they are good at making you feel special.

Studio B Portraits vacation portrait session_ Ocho Rios Beaches Jamaica_0282.jpg

On our last night of the trip, we all went around the table sharing what we loved most and to no ones surprise… it was the people, the staff, the Jamaican way that topped the list. (Followed quickly by crazy good food, snorkeling, banana boat rides, water slides and unlimited drinks & dessert)

My new favorite picture of the fellas

My new favorite picture of the fellas

This was essentially who they were the entire trip.

This was essentially who they were the entire trip.

Studio B Portraits_vacation session in Jamaica-3904.jpg

Thank you for letting me share. I am so full of gratitude for this collective time with my family and since I know a lot of you are always looking for special experiences with your own tribe… you might want to consider Jamaica ;-) (I know I sound like an infomercial but there is no promotion or compensation from anyone… just a personal endorsement from our family to yours) That being said…

The gangs all here.

The gangs all here.

If you’d like for the Studio B to come on vacation with you - my team does thank you for the invite and we accept! Where do you want to go on vacation? We’re coming too #StudioBvacationSessions

What is your maternity style? | Studio B Portraits shares fashion inspiration for your best maternity portraits

In a world full of Pinterest boards, sometimes the variety of ideas for how to dress for your maternity photos can feel as big as your growing tummy. While the option to see your own toes might be passing you by quickly; deciding on what your maternity style is for your baby bump is still absolutely within reach. We’ve collected five of our favorite looks to showcase and inspire you as you prepare to to step in front of the camera for your maternity session.

Ciara for Studio B Portraits | Best Maternity Photos in Seattle | pc:

Ciara for Studio B Portraits | Best Maternity Photos in Seattle | pc:

Best Maternity Photos in Bellevue WA | pc:

Best Maternity Photos in Bellevue WA | pc:


The elegance of Ciara’s stunning pink gown was jaw dropping the moment we set eyes on it. Who says a baby bump means you can’t absolutely rock a red carpet worthy wardrobe?! The lux element that this brought to Ciara’s maternity portraits is worth sharing as you gather inspiration to set your portraits apart from the rest! Pro Tip: We highly recommend Rent the Runway for those looking to find a one-time-fabulous wardrobe piece!

Best Maternity Photos in Seattle WA | pc:

Best Maternity Photos in Seattle WA | pc:


Shout out to Ciara’s amazing minimalist approach to this romantic look! Her soft white kimono brings a sweetness to her wardrobe that we are 100% in love with. In this case, less is more, allowing all eyes to be on her stunning features and beautiful baby bump.

Romantic Maternity Photos | Bellevue WA | pc:

Romantic Maternity Photos | Bellevue WA | pc:

Pro Tip: We love when the opportunity presents itself to include dad in maternity portraits! Ben dressed for the occasion by wearing warm and bright neutrals, Ben was able to jump in for some epic shots with his wife and baby.

Ciara | Bohemian inspired Maternity Photos | pc:

Ciara | Bohemian inspired Maternity Photos | pc:


All hail Ciara, the floral boho queen! This look is gorgeously unique in the lineup of her outfits, and we have crazy heart eyes for the easygoing patterns and textures. If you are looking to elevate your style game, this is a fabulous look to embrace! Bohemian inspired pieces are loose and flowy by nature, which makes them perfect comfortable for expectant mamas!

Ciara & Ben | Maternity Portraits Seattle | pc.

Ciara & Ben | Maternity Portraits Seattle | pc.


*slow clap for any occasion to wear your favorite pair of denim* We get it…not everyone feels most confident and beautiful when you crank up the glam. We love the way Ciara created a laid back outfit without sacrificing an ounce of sophistication in her casual look!

Ciara for Studio B Families | pc: | Seattle WA


Ciara could have been attending some fabulous dinner cruise with how upscale chic she looked in this gown! We love the elegance of the sleek silhouette and gorgeous lavender hue. Click on the video above to see behind the scenes of Ciara’s city chic look!

From professional hair and makeup styling to sharing wardrobe inspiration boards, we are here to help you every step of the way for your luxury Maternity Portrait Session.

Are you ready to SHINE in front of the camera?

There's always a good reason to celebrate family | Bellevue Park Family Photography

We believe there is always a good reason to celebrate your family - whether it’s to document a milestone or just to say I love you! For the Hill family, they checked yes for both of those reasons at their Family Portrait Session in Bellevue Park…celebrating Sabrina’s upcoming graduation from Loyola Marymount University as well as just spending quality time with each other for a long overdue family photo.

Of course their family portraits would not have been complete without their Shiba fur baby, Thyme! We spent the afternoon strolling and laughing with these four, and the genuine love for one another that was in the air was all we needed to be inspired to create some photo magic!

Of course their family portraits would not have been complete without their Shiba fur baby, Thyme! We spent the afternoon strolling and laughing with these four, and the genuine love for one another that was in the air was all we needed to be inspired to create some photo magic!

Studio B Portraits_best outdoor family photos bellevue park.jpg

Congratulations to Sabrina for her college graduation from Loyola Marymount this spring! After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Recording Arts, this beauty will be launching her career with a job as an Event Specialist at Citrix in Santa Clara, CA.

College graduation photos in    Bellevue Park    | pc:     (Fun Fact: We photographed Sabrina’s high school senior pictures 4 years ago!)

College graduation photos in Bellevue Park | pc: (Fun Fact: We photographed Sabrina’s high school senior pictures 4 years ago!)

Studio B Portraits_upscale casual family portraits bellevue park.jpg

Ready to celebrate your family?

Let’s make something special with all the people you love the most!

Best Mother’s Day gift idea ever…

Looking for the Best Mother’s Day gift idea ever! Treat her to a Mom + Me Experience at Studio B. (Before we go any further… we’d like to give a huge shout out to all of the awesome husbands & sons that get a ba-jillion good-guy points when they deliver these to their wives so be sure to share with the fellas in your life who may be needing a little help on what to do!)

Our Signature Mom + Me session comes to you with a delicious Boehm’s chocolate camera wrapped in a cute box & bow package that includes glam hair & make-up for two, a styled studio portrait session and keepsake gift print starting at $700. (experience can be customized — just ask for details)

Studio B Portraits_mothers day photo experience.jpg


The Mother’s Day Experience at Studio B Portraits

+ Celebrate and Pamper Her.  Remind her how beautiful she is by creating something special together. Let our glam team treat her to gorgeous hair & make-up that will have her feeling pretty inside and out.

+ It is a time to bond and simply be together. You know how rare it can be to have moments with Mom where you can be fully present in a carefree way.  In this day and age, you often have to intentionally set that time aside, and we think this is a really special way to do it!

Behind the Scenes of the Mother & Daughter Experience with Erica & Diane at Studio B Portraits.

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Magazine Ready | Formal Family Portraits with Page-Turning Style

Family Portraits with page turning style is our favorite way to get formal and no one does magazine-ready better than the Momotyuks. Even more than the luxurious air they bring everywhere they go is their genuine love for one another. Watching this family grow and celebrating with them for the last 7 years has been a true joy and honor.

Want to get this look? Here’s our top three tips for a magazine-ready style.

Best family portraits in Seattle_Luxury formal_Sudio B Portraits_0273.jpg


Page Turning Formal Family Portraits

No. 01: UNIQUELY MONOCHROMATIC. We love the way each person in the family expresses their personalities through their wardrobe, all the while keeping their aesthetic cohesive with a timeless black on black color palette.

No. 02: TEXTURES. From a velvet suit for the young man, to ruffled dresses and beaded necklines for the ladies, this family knows how to embrace texture. Incorporating an assortment of materials allows for added creativity and mixing fabrics adds a wow factor to your wardrobe.

No. 03: ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. Moment of honesty…the most important person in the family when it comes to family portrait preparation is Mama. The babes look amazing no matter what they wear and more often than not, Moms often give themselves the least amount of prep time as they work to make sure everyone else looks fabulous. With that being said, we suggest that the entire process begin with the lady of the house.

Best family portraits in Seattle_Luxury formal_Sudio B Portraits_0269.jpg
Best family portraits in Seattle_Luxury formal_Sudio B Portraits_0270.jpg

We can’t showcase this beautiful family and not show you their gorgeous Art Book! Second to our wall art, these books are our most popular choice for families. Our fresh take on the classic album means you won't miss one picture perfect moment. This story telling stunner begins with twenty beautiful, flush mount pages on lux metallic paper and is custom designed to highlight your favorite family moments. With three custom cover selections and a trio of details, these books are an heirloom treasure meant to be passed down through the years.

Best family portraits in Seattle_Luxury formal_Sudio B Portraits_0274.jpg

Celebrating ONE | Baby Portraits with Maverick | Seattle WA

Oh my my, how time flies! We first photographed the Salamancas for maternity photos for their oldest baby…and now seven years later, little Maverick has joined the family! Cuteness just runs in their genes. And never have we ever seen a baby eat a cake with so much gusto! Maverick wasted no time in celebrating his first birthday…

Celebrating ONE with Maverick | pc:

Celebrating ONE with Maverick | pc:

I told you, the cuteness just overflows with this one! If only it were as precious for all of us to eat our cake with such joyful abandon…hehe.

Cake Smash with Maverick | pc:

Cake Smash with Maverick | pc:

I’m pretty sure we will blink again and it will be time for Maverick’s senior portraits. And when that time comes, you’d better believe that we will pull out these photos to remind him that he’s always been cute as can be (of course at that point, we will have to change our verbiage and tell him that he’s handsome…strapping…manly, you know!)

Studio B Portraits_cute baby in suspenders cake smash issaquah.jpg

Ready to make some memories?

Bring the family and let’s make some magic together!

Check out how the Salamanca family personalized their home with a custom Watch Me Grow wall portrait design using their favorite images from over the years!

3 Steps to a Beautiful “Watch Me Grow” Family Wall Portrait Design | Seattle Portrait Studio

One of the special privileges we have here at Studio B Portraits is the opportunity to grow with our families as they add to their numbers. We have been photographing the lovely Salamanca family since Jennifer came in for maternity photos with her first baby. Fast-forward seven years, two more kiddos, and numerous Family Portrait Sessions to the present day! Our most recent project was the custom design Watch Me Grow wall in the Salamanca home, and we are in LOVE with the way it documents each stage in their family’s life.

Studio B Portraits_custom designed wall portrait series bellevue.jpg

No. 1: Measure Your Wall. One unique aspect of the wall design process is that we use simple snapshots of your actual home to customize a design that is mocked up to scale with beautiful portraits from your session. That way you can view your design options in real time during your order appointment rather than relying on your imagination to visualize your space. Follow our step by step tutorial to take snapshots of your space without hassle!

No. 2: Pick Your Prints. For those who have been collecting gift prints over the years of all your favorite moments, this is a beautiful way to display a timeline of your growth as a family. As you move through your home, you’ll literally be taking a walk down memory lane!

No. 3: Trust the Experts. From selecting your frames to match the style of your decor to personal home installations, the Studio B Team is happy to help every step of the way!

Ready to customize your wall space?

Spring into the Studio for your Family Portraits

What do you do when Mother Nature reflects our typical PNW gray skies on the day of your photoshoot when you were hoping for blooms and sunshine? Well, if you are the Wadlow family, then you simply bring all things light and bright indoors to your studio session! We have been photographing this sweet family since maternity photos for their second daughter Evelyn, and ever single time we see them, they outdo themselves with their trendy styling. This year, their studio portraits were inspired by all things springtime and fabulous!

The Wadlow Family | pc:  | Issaquah WA

The Wadlow Family | pc: | Issaquah WA

A round of applause of Michelle’s fabulous styling of her family in preparation for their annual portraits! Keep scrolling to see our top three takeaways from the Wadlows when it comes to making sure every family member is dressed to the nines…

The Wadlow Sisters | pc:  | Issaquah WA

The Wadlow Sisters | pc: | Issaquah WA

No. 01 = Embrace TEXTURE. The silkiness of miss Evelyn’s dress combined with the fur of her sister Sophia’s coat is as close to perfection as it comes! And can we just give a shoutout to Charles’ blue suit jacket on top of his striped pink shirt?! Varying textures read well on camera and are fun to coordinate in your styling process, so let loose and let the textures carry you away!

No. 02 = Embrace COLOR. Gone are the days of matchy matchy with every family member rocking the same shade of blue. For a contemporary spin on color coordinating within your family, think complimentary - colors that play well together without having to be repeat in every person’s outfit. Determining hues can be intimidating, but don’t be afraid to incorporate something bold in your styling. Michelle’s fabulous pink dress is a WOW statement in all the right ways! (Pro tip: don’t be afraid to turn to Pinterest for color palette inspiration!)

No. 03 = Embrace INDIVIDUALITY. Our favorite part of the Wadlow’s styling is how each person gets to rock something totally unique. From Charles’ amazing suit jacket to Michelle’s drop dead gorgeous dress, Evelyn’s florals to Sophia’s killer jumpsuit…everyone gets to wear a statement piece!

Studio B Portraits_beautiful family with daughters spring studio portrait.jpg

Ready to capture some memories for your family?

Whether this is an annual experience or you haven’t had photos taken since the kids were in diapers, we’re excited to be a part of documenting your story.

Decorating with Family Portraits: The People You Love in the Place You Love

Decorating with Family Portraits so that you can enjoy the people you love in the place you love is what we do best here at Studio B. Seeing a blank canvas come to life with a wall design that compliments your home is seriously a guilty pleasure.

Decorating your home with family photography | PC:

Decorating your home with family photography | PC:

This 7 piece series that we created for the Bean Family home turned out so beautifully. We chose a clean museum style display with a slim molding and warm neutral mat to compliment the families mid-century modern motif.

In addition to the center showpiece portrait featuring the entire family, we created modern squares highlighting Mom & Dad + each of the kids.

Studio B Portraits_beautiful wall portrait series bellevue.png