Corporate Portrait Session with Fjuri | Pioneer Square, Seattle


Our cutting-edge corporate clients know the value of having contemporary imagery that matches their unique business branding.  We recently had the opportunity to work with Fjuri - a marketing consulting firm based in Pioneer Square in the heart of downtown Seattle.  It is such a privilege to work with people who value their employees' and customers' experience so highly; it truly translates to every interaction they have!


Having your professional corporate portraits taken on location in your office space is a fabulous way to capture the spirit of your business and create relevant images to be used for your website, blog, and other marketing endeavors.  We just love the personal touch that comes from shooting in your work environment!


The other awesome perk of corporate photography for our Studio B Team is meeting amazing professionals at the top of their game.  We were fortunate enough to have time with Human Resources pro Tammy Perkins and bend her ear about personal branding that we can share with you!

"As someone working in marketing and with industry professionals, I can say that your brand is who you are and what people think about you when you walk out of the room.  Present yourself in a way where you don’t appear to be a staged house!  I often see people put together their LinkedIn profiles, and I meet them in person and they are completely different.  What I would tell people is to be absolutely, 100% yourself.  Through photography, there are different ways to represent yourself in a way that is authentic.  Present yourself in away that shows your passion, your curiosity, and that’s when you’ll shine. "

- Tammy, Chief People Officer for Fjuri


Whether you're looking for formal, business casual, or lifestyle images, take a look at our headshot portfolio to be inspired!

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