Style Spotlight | Dignified x Understated

Remy won us over immediately with his down to earth personality and refined yet simple style.   Everything about him had a poetic intrigue that made for a fabulous photo session.  

YB_Zachwieja, Remy_4370.jpg

We can't get enough of Remy's pairing of a black turtleneck sweater with a light wash leather jacket (which happens to bring out the brown highlights of his eyes - talk about swoon worthy!) The simplicity of this look is half of it's charm!


There's just something about a guy in a suit.  And when you can rock it with confidence the way Remy did, it's sure to be a favorite look!


Let's not forget how much everyone loves an "after party" look - button down shirt, relaxed collar and tie, rolled sleeves optional.  This look tells the room that even when you take it casual, you keep it stylish.

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