Formal Family Portraits in Issaquah | Celebrating 10 years photographing the Vizquels

Studio B Portraits formal family portrait next to St Georges Square Issaquah_Vizquel.jpg

We have been photographing the Vizquel Family portraits each year for over 10 years. Seriously. What?  Mind blown on so many levels it's hard to know where to begin so I'll just begin and end this post... and coincidentally the 2017 year with gratitude. Thank you.  Thank you for all of the amazing moments, blessings and joys.  Here's to 2018!

Studio B Portraits formal teen portraits next to St Georges Square Issaquah_0099.jpg

For every Mom in need of inspiration and motivation to get in front of the camera...make moments with your babies because soon enough -- they are not babies any longer... take a quick look at Mom Nicole.

Studio B Portraits beautiful blonde Mom at St Georges Square Issaquah_0101.jpg

This little girl is magical in front of the camera from the first day we met.

Studio B Portraits picture of tween girl in sparkle navy blue top.jpg