Some seniors care...or at least their moms do! | Studio B Seniors Style Guide for Boys

Be honest…when was the last time you prepped four unique wardrobes and wore them all in one day?? Some seniors care about their outfits...or at least their mom's do! Other seniors would rather do anything else than plan out four different looks (fellas, I’m talking to you;)

Don’t let choose four wardrobe options overwhelm you - we’ve laid out four of our favorite looks as a quick style guide for you as your prepare for your Senior Portrait Experience. Keep reading to make prepping for your Senior Portraits a piece of cake!

Jake is effortlessly handsome in his dark suit and bold blue tie  | pc:

Jake is effortlessly handsome in his dark suit and bold blue tie | pc:

OUTFIT 01. Who doesn’t love a fella in FORMAL?! You just can’t underestimate the powerful impression of a custom tailored suit. We love the way Jake brought his A-game with this look, incorporating his passion for baseball with this classy look took it to the next level!

Studio B Senior_senior boy sports portraits.jpg

OUTFIT 02. You can never go wrong when you go UPSCALE CAUSAL. Jake’s collared shirt and pullover create a visually interesting style with layers and textures. Classy but more relaxed than his first look, this one is a winner!

Studio B Seniors_handsome boy in sweater senior portrait.jpg

OUTFIT 03. SCHOOL SPIRIT has never looked so good! We love that Jake was able to represent O’Dea High School through his letterman jacket - this is a timeless look that throughout the years will be a fun nod to your high school career!

Studio B Seniors_senior boy with letterman jacket issaquah.jpg

OUTFIT 04. There’s a reason why CLASSIC always results in confidence. Will you be shocked to hear that most senior boys feel most comfortable in front of the camera wearing an outfit inspired by their everyday attire? One of the awesome aspects of having four wardrobe changes within your Senior Portrait Experience is that you can rock that classic tee that brings out the color of your eyes while still making mom thrilled that you jazzed it up for her with a more formal vibe in another outfit. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Studio B Portraits_boys senior photos in park.jpg

Ready for your turn?!

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